Behavioral Design Agency Scales Financial Management With NetSuite

AHA! Behavioral Design® (AHA! BD) is the first and only behavioral design agency in the Philippines. Its consultants help businesses increase productivity and community organisations boost their impact by identifying the factors that affect everyday behaviors, then designing interventions that nudge individuals to adjust those behaviors. AHA! BD delivers this service through both one-time learning events and long-term behavioral programs.


AHA! Behavioral Design


Manila, Philippines


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“It's not just about automation or revenue generation. NetSuite gives us more time to analyse the numbers and discuss where we're going as a company.” John Leinard Ramos, Head of Marketing and Social & Behavior Change Communication, AHA! BD

Automating Expense Management and Refining Revenue Strategy

Behavioral change is a game-changer
Five years after its launch, AHA! BD has grown to 60 employees and opened four Behaviour Change Labs in Manila. With community improvement as its mission, the business is focused largely on working with the public sector and NGO clients. However, it has expanded its customer base to include private-sector clients, tackling business challenges primarily by working alongside HR and marketing departments.
Manual workflows don’t scale
Following several high-profile successes, AHA! BD began to grow quickly, adding staff and taking on more projects. Project expenses increased fivefold, making it impossible for AHA! BD’s then-lone finance employee to continue managing them in Excel.
Flexible expense management
AHA! BD implemented NetSuite to support its overall growth, with special interest in the ability to handle expense upticks without increasing finance headcount. Expense management is now seamless: The team can manage expenses from multiple projects in a single expense report, and staff can submit reports from mobile devices. Line managers easily access up-to-date budget numbers and allocate funds to projects accordingly.
Revenue data informs strategy
NetSuite project reporting is now central to decision-making at AHA! BD. For example, last year the team recognised that AHA! BD had significant growth potential and committed to increasing their sales target for the following year. They dug into the NetSuite data to identify revenue streams from previous clients, then set larger but more realistic sales targets. The team intends to continue scaling confidently with NetSuite as its financial foundation.


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