In India, AyurVAID Modernizes Health Care with Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact

AyurVAID Hospitals


AyurVAID Hospitals


Bangalore, India


Health Care

Applications Replaced

Google Apps, Microsoft Office


NetSuite CRM

“NetSuite is a world-class, reliable platform that enables complete organization-wide automation seamlessly in the cloud through the power of integration.” AyurVAID

Customer Success

  • NetSuite delivers an integrated CRM, ERP and ecommerce platform to drive innovation and growth at the provider of traditional ayurveda health care in southwestern India.
  • AyurVAID makes extensive use of NetSuite CRM to manage the full patient lifecycle, from initial lead to registration, screening, ongoing health care and satisfaction surveys.
  • Nearly 40 administrative and medical personnel at three hospitals and two clinics have on-demand access to real-time patient records to streamline processes and improve the patient experience.
  • Systematic, metrics-driven processes through NetSuite help AyurVAID continuously measure and optimize patient relations and improve quality of care.
  • By strengthening patient relationships, AyurVAID is focused on sustained well-being for the 18,000 patients it treats a year.
  • Live since 2011, NetSuite CRM has helped AyurVAID increase revenue 35% in 2013 and 45% through 2014.
  • In a next phase, AyurVAID is rolling out NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce for a single, integrated system covering all core business processes.
  • NetSuite ERP will give AyurVAID insights and better control over financials, automation of sales orders and invoicing, and management of about 750 inventory SKUs.
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce will offer AyurVAID patients a self-service online portal to manage their own relationships with their health care provider.


  • AyurVAID dealt with labor-intensive manual data management and poor visibility while using Google Apps and Microsoft Office applications for CRM.
  • Health care provider wanted to modernize its business management systems to improve its end-to-end efficiency and effectiveness.
  • AyurVAID needed on-demand access to a single data set from multiple hospital and clinic locations in the states of Karnataka and Kerala.


  • Selected over and proprietary hospital information systems, NetSuite offered an ideal package of fully integrated CRM, ERP and ecommerce.
  • Customization capabilities in NetSuite have enabled AyurVAID to adapt the solution to health care-specific processes.
  • Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact supports AyurVAID, a social enterprise, with discounted software licencing to help it focus resources on its mission of treating the root cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis.
  • Pro Bono services were provided by Oracle + NetSuite Social Impact to help with an e-newsletter patient outreach program, among other projects.

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