Bailey Hydraulics Pumps up Business with NetSuite

A leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile hydraulic components, Bailey Hydraulics needed an IT infrastructure that could support the company’s future growth organically and via acquisition, providing the ability to easily add and manage subsidiaries. Operating on an aging, highly customized on-premise AS/400 system, the solution needed to provide greater functionality that would improve order and inventory management, capture greater operational data and provide its customers with a modern ecommerce experience.

Bailey Hydraulics


Bailey Hydraulics


Knoxville, Tenn


Manufacturing and Distribution


NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced


Highly customized ERP for IBM AS/400, MySQL database, ADempiere (open-source business management software)


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“In the past, we utilized information silos in supply chain, IT, manufacturing and sales. With NetSuite, everyone now has easy access to data and it has made us a better company.” Bailey Hydraulics

Streamlined and Efficient

Modern, cloud platform
Changing the AS/400 to meet their needs would require several million dollars and years of development. Bailey Hydraulics turned to the cloud to run its financials, ecommerce, reporting, inventory, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer service and supply chain operations on NetSuite. The company replaced three full-time developers focused on maintaining its old system with more versatile IT employees with a stronger focus on data and system administration.
Data visibility
With the previous systems, extracting data to perform financial analysis and reporting was a struggle and made it difficult to share business intelligence across the organization. NetSuite’s single unified source of truth has strengthened data access and visibility, while improving reporting and analytics. The financial close process has been cut from 20 days to three days and creating reports takes minutes rather than weeks.
One platform for B2C and B2B
The SuiteCommerce Advanced website offers its B2C and B2B customers a faster, streamlined experience with useful features such as product tutorial videos on Bailey TV, a quick order pad, bulk ordering and a mobile optimized site. Orders don’t have to be downloaded from the ecommerce site and managed manually. The order placement and fulfillment process has now become almost instantaneous.


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