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CMC Corporation is a marketing service provider for businesses around the world. Its many subsidiaries specialise in creating highly technical content, such as manuals and user guides, which its clients use to engage with their customers. Some CMC subsidiaries also provide process improvement and marketing strategy services. The enterprise’s clients include a wide range of corporations, with a focus on the automotive and education sectors.

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NetSuite Planning and Budgeting


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“With NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, everything is accessible in a single database. We now trust the data and adjust budgets based on detailed insights into our past performance.” Mayu Niwa, Corporate Planning Team, CMC Group

Automation Saves Times and Improves Decision-Making

Big in Japan—and overseas
CMC’s early success in Japan led to global expansion, including multiple acquisitions. The business now boasts 19 subsidiaries and affiliates, with 10 offices in Asia, three in Europe and one in North America. Its offering continues to evolve too, and it now produces virtual reality content, such as workplace training programs designed for VR headsets, and augmented reality content, like interactive car owner’s manual.
Nontechnical number crunching
CMC’s corporate planning department is tasked with collating company-wide data into monthly reports, such as sales forecasts for management meetings. Previously, each global business unit and domestic subsidiary had to manually input its data into a spreadsheet and email it to corporate planning. The team extracted the often error-ridden information from more dozens of spreadsheets by hand before compiling the required reports, a process that took almost 20 hours each month.
Reduced reporting time
CMC implemented NetSuite Planning and Budgeting two years ago to automate its corporate planning team’s reporting. The team now spends just seven hours per month creating those monthly reports, a time savings of 60%. It now has time for additional analysis, such as more precisely forecasting sales revenue by department, which equips leaders to make stronger strategic decisions.
An analytical culture
CMC plans to use the data collected in NetSuite Planning and Budgeting for more applications, such as providing granular financial forecasts to its investors. The company will also start using the solution beyond corporate planning, so that each business unit can take advantage of its forecasting and predictive modelling capabilities independently.


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