Bringing a Hole-in-One Resort Experience to Lake Tahoe

Looking upon the five-star Edgewood Tahoe Hotel and Resort, it’s hard to believe that a cattle ranch once occupied the same space as the recently named Hotel of the Year. It’s owned and operated by Edgewood Companies, which has several other hospitality and retail businesses in the Lake Tahoe area. Despite success dating back to 1896, Edgewood still struggled to glean meaningful insights using its historical data because of its manual processes.

Edgewood Companies


Edgewood Companies


Zephyr Cove, Nev.


Restaurants And Hospitality


250 to 499


$50 – 100 million


Microsoft ERP


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“From both a functionality standpoint and a technology perspective, NetSuite delivered a robust planning and budgeting solution in a tight timeline. Now we have more time for high-value analysis, partnering and collaborating with stakeholders across the business.” Aaron Hartwig, CFO, Edgewood Companies

Moving From Static to Active Planning and Budgeting

Spreadsheets prove too rigid for a seasonal business
Edgewood was attempting to budget, forecast and report for a highly variable business with purely manual processes. Static data in spreadsheets failed to project forecasts that could accurately predict efficiency and profitability. Time spent formatting and organising actual-vs-budget reporting left little time to connect budgets to business goals and priorities.
Welcoming accurate budgeting and reporting
Edgewood’s finance team replaced its budgeting and reporting spreadsheets with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, synchronising all data in its NetSuite ERP. Now Edgewood could configure its financial data in real-time, run multiple scenarios to explore different business opportunities and forecast more effectively.
Making quick, data-driven decisions
Edgewood is now able to predict occupancy rates and proper staffing counts for each season with accuracy. The finance team can quickly create month-over-month forecasts to account for changing weather patterns and other variables that affect its room counts, table counts and labor models.
Four seasons of profitability
Edgewood originally set out to root its business decisions in data and reporting. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting provides the ability to do just that, allowing Edgewood to increase efficiency in multiple areas and remain profitable during both peak and off seasons.


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