NetSuite Helps Charter School Services Provider Cut Client IT Costs in Half

EdTec Inc.


EdTec Inc.


Emeryville, Calif.


Financial, Accounting Services, Education, Nonprofit


NetSuite OneWorld

“With a single instance of NetSuite, we're running 30 schools as if they were business subsidiaries.” EdTec Inc.

Customer Success

  • EdTec delivering greater functionality to school-clients at less than 50% of the cost of outsourced IT services.
  • NetSuite economies of scale let EdTec offer 30 schools a knowledge-base with more than 600 tutorials on a multitude of subjects.
  • NetSuite real-time reporting capabilities help schools track complex, constantly changing charter school compliance rulings.
  • EdTec now able to take on more school-clients while maintaining its position as California's top provider of high-function charter school services.


  • EdTec wanted to maintain double-digit growth rate as charter schools IT provider.
  • California charter schools caught between tightening budgets and growing compliance demands.
  • EdTec needed to offer more functionality than its outsourcing model would permit.
  • Wanted solution that would scale to handle dozens of charter schools.


  • Chose NetSuite over and QuickBooks for breadth of functionality, cost effectiveness.
  • Chose cloud computing over traditional hosting because of significant cost advantages.
  • Cloud computing model let EdTec from outsourcing to offering self-service IT for schools.
  • NetSuite let EdTec add strategic planning, compliance monitoring, other functions to schools' accounting capabilities.
  • Single NetSuite installation now lets EdTec run growing list of 30 schools as separate subsidiaries.
  • Personalized NetSuite dashboards let EdTec customize information delivery for school administrators, officers, board members, and auditors.

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