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“NetSuite is a unified system that allows us to efficiently manage operations and monitor the business. We can maintain our traditional excellence in customer service while gaining the competitive advantage of a modern cloud solution.” Explorer Freight

Customer Success

  • Explorer Freight uses NetSuite to consolidate and simplify complex orders, supply customers with detailed tracking status of shipments and drive the full order-to-cash cycle faster and more accurately.
  • NetSuite allows Explorer Freight to better serve its B2B customers including firms in the utilities, retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries, as well as companies shipping general cargo.
  • With NetSuite workflow replacing manual and paper-based processes, Explorer Freight has cut the processing time between order placement and invoicing in half.
  • Explorer Freight has real-time, step-by-step insight into shipments, from pickup to delivery through trucking, sea and air transport across the Philippines and internationally through various shipping partners.
  • Monthly financial close time for Explorer Freight has been cut from two weeks to five days thanks to NetSuite. In addition, Explorer Freight staff can now view real-time financial and order information on demand rather than waiting for a monthly report.
  • Customer satisfaction is on the rise with Explorer Freight leveraging NetSuite to generate order confirmations, shipment status and transactional details in a timely, comprehensive and accurate manner.
  • With NetSuite, Explorer Freight is able to build out its third-party logistics (3PL) business, offering warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services to firms in fast-paced markets like CPG and retail, which couldn’t be done with its previous systems.
  • The new real-time transparency and control NetSuite provides is essential for the company to be able to grow and compete effectively with larger international shipping companies like DHL and FedEx.


  • Explorer Freight had outgrown its previous on-premise applications used for logistics management and accounting that didn’t offer the functionality and scalability needed for growth, and required maintenance and troubleshooting by a third-party consultant.
  • The fragmented environment made it difficult to efficiently manage the business, forcing Explorer Freight to rely on Excel for reporting and shipment tracking.


  • NetSuite was selected as a single, unified system that would enable the company to seamlessly coordinate processes and gain breakthrough visibility into its own operations and business with customers and partners.
  • Explorer Freight went live in NetSuite in October 2014 after partnering with implementation specialist CloudTech, a Manila-based 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider partner.
  • Explorer Freight is now leveraging NetSuite for end-to-end workflow-driven efficiency across its core business processes, including financials, supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM) and warehousing operations.
  • Explorer Freight is also taking advantage of NetSuite’s CRM capabilities to automate task management for its logistics group, and also to house its growing amount of robust customer information for contact management.

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