Feeney Harnesses NetSuite as Its Framework to Support Continual Business Flexibility and Agility





Oakland, Calif.


Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution



Applications Replaced

Intuit QuickBooks, MBA Accounting Software, Other proprietary software

“NetSuite has helped us be more competitive, more agile and plan our future with more precision—and flexibility, than we ever thought possible.” Katrina Ralston, President, Sales/Finance/Operations of Feeney, Inc.

Customer Success

  • A leading manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum architectural products and railing systems aimed at construction professionals and DIY homeowners, Feeney runs its financials, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing, inventory control and ecommerce on NetSuite.
  • Running on NetSuite, Feeney has grown its business more than 20% year-over-year in the last three years without having to add extra headcount to support its increasing expansion. By automating and streamlining the bulk of its business processes on NetSuite, Feeney is able to operate efficiently.
  • Live on NetSuite since 2003, Feeney has been able to seamlessly change its primary business model from a long-time B2C operation into a highly successful B2B company, in the process growing its retail business to more than 500 retailers across the U.S. up from zero retailers six years ago.
  • The majority of Feeney’s business is B2B with a small B2C operation and an ecommerce operation that consistently accounts for 4% of total sales. With NetSuite, Feeney is able to provide customers with a user-friendly and attractive online experience.
  • NetSuite analytics help management make pricing adjustments based on accurate competitive analysis.
  • Feeney can set prices for thousands of SKUs in a day, compared to a week or more without NetSuite.
  • NetSuite CRM’s ‘win-loss’ opportunity feature helps management closely track pricing impact on sales.
  • NetSuite reporting capabilities help managers track sales and order pipelines and manage inventory as well as drill down into individual transactions.


  • Feeney faced shrinking margins on wire-rope, cabling and related building materials as the economy tightened.
  • Feeney needed accurate competitive analysis to determine pricing changes in the face of tough competition.
  • The company needed to improve business performance by increasing operational efficiency while creating new business models to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Feeney brought in NetSuite to replace MBA, QuickBooks systems.
  • After implementing automated ordering, inventory, picking, purchasing and billing processes, the company subsequently added marketing, customer service and ecommerce applications.
  • Every non-warehouse employee has a NetSuite dashboard.
  • Feeney has taken advantage of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud ecosystem of partners to complement its NetSuite installation. The company uses tax automation from Avalara, implementation and integration expertise from Celigo, and support for electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions from SPS Commerce.

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