Continuing Education Program at Swiss Universities Drives Enrollments and Efficiency with NetSuite CRM+ and Marketing

Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL


Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL


Lausanne, Switzerland



Applications Replaced

Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word


NetSuite CRM+

“We're a lot more precise and productive in our marketing campaigns with NetSuite CRM and have professionalized the way we promote our educational offerings. We can quickly identify target groups by any number of attributes, and the reporting in NetSuite is very useful because we can easily see how many emails bounced, how many were delivered and how many people clicked through.” Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL

Customer Success

  • CRM and marketing effectiveness has dramatically improved for Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL, which groups together the continuing education activities of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
  • Improved email and direct mail targeting with a centralized CRM solution is driving student enrollment to nearly 3,000 a year for courses in technology, humanities, health and social welfare, and management, economics and law.
  • NetSuite CRM+ has given Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL breakthrough ability to more precisely manage contacts by job title, industry, preferences, geographic locations and other attributes.
  • NetSuite saved search functionality enables Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL to quickly regenerate and relaunch prior campaigns, rather than starting from scratch.
  • HTML emails delivered by NetSuite to both corporate and individual recipients convey a professional brand that is positively received, compared to mass blind-copy emails in the past.
  • Recipients now have self-service tools to manage communications preferences, improving satisfaction and eliminating manual staff work.
  • Better email targeting and monitoring of results enables Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL to curtail print catalog mailings, saving costs in printing and postage.


  • Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL struggled with decentralized information on thousands of prospects.
  • Small staff dealt with a "nightmare" in finding, updating and managing information, which also suffered from poor data quality.
  • The program found it difficult to measure marketing success and manage communication preferences across its target audiences.


  • After an evaluation against, Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL selected NetSuite as a cloud CRM solution ideal to help the program improve its marketing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • NetSuite's compatibility with Apple technology was essential to the all-Macintosh continuing education department.
  • On-time, on-budget implementation in spring 2013 by NetSuite Solution Provider partner AJA Solutions of Switzerland helped ensure quality and speed time to value.

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