GLC Expands Its Telecom Business With More Accurate Inventory Management and Forecasting

GLC is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications businesses in the Philippines, providing hardware, software, and associated services. These include IP telephony devices, PBX systems, VoIP solutions, cabling services, and unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS). In short, GLC is a one-stop shop for telecom and cloud solutions. It’s now the preferred supplier to some of the Philippines’ biggest telecom providers, including PLDT.




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“To equip your people with the right information to make decisions confidently, you need to give them a system that is complete—from customer-facing to accounting, inventory, all the way to ticketing. That’s why we are very happy with NetSuite.” Erwin Co, President, GLC

From Guesswork to Confident Decision-Making

Growth to talk about
In the nine years since its launch, GLC has built a channel network of over 150 partners and a product range of around 5,000 SKUs. The pandemic especially supercharged GLC’s success as many Filipino businesses, which were historically slow to embrace remote work, realised that they needed more capable technology.
Guessing at numbers
GLC previously used multiple platforms, including QuickBooks for accounting and SAP for CRM. Excel spreadsheets handled inventory management. With no integration between systems, GLC’s financial, customer, and inventory data were trapped in silos. Resulting challenges included getting an accurate picture of stock levels at any point in time, so establishing inventory numbers required an endless cycle of manual reconciliation. Forecasting demand was pure guesswork, meaning the business often held too much stock.
Confident, data-driven decisions
GLC deployed NetSuite as a single system for its financial, customer, and inventory data. With real-time visibility into stock levels and accurate inventory numbers automatically calculated, the team saves an estimated 30 hours a week. Department heads have this inventory information at their fingertips, so they sign off on sales contracts with confidence that the business can deliver—and assurance that it won’t hold more stock than required.
Ready for more
In the three years since implementation, GLC has used NetSuite to support a 30% increase in customers, a doubling of recurring revenue, and a tripling of sales. Having gotten a handle on its inventory, GLC recently added NetSuite Demand Planning. It will use the solution to more easily predict inventory needs based on historical demand while accounting for cost control, lead times, and service-level agreements.


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