International Wine Accessories Uncorks Success

Switching to NetSuite in 2009, International Wine Accessories traded in QuickBooks and proprietary systems for a unified cloud-based platform to manage its financials, inventory and order management, CRM and ecommerce. As a retailer and manufacturer of high-end wine cabinets, coolers and accessories, IWA sells to its wholesalers and direct to consumer through its ecommerce site,

International Wine Accessories


International Wine Accessories


Petaluma, Calif.




QuickBooks, proprietary systems


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“The NetSuite solution allows us to work smarter and more efficiently, while at the same time providing a higher level of service to our customers.” Ben Argov, President, IWA

The Power of the Suite

Fast growth, lower operational costs
IWA increased revenue by 300 percent and saved over $24,000 a year in labor and maintenance costs using the NetSuite solution. With a single view of customer data, IWA can effectively manage support cases and segment its email marketing campaigns for a more relevant and personalized experience. NetSuite also provides a centralized repository of all product information that easily exports data to Amazon and Google Merchant and other services in 15 minutes vs. four hours manually.
Commerce evolution
The recent relaunch of its SuiteCommerce Advanced website has provided a faster checkout, improved page loads and enhanced mobile experience resulting in a 57 percent increase in pages per session. IWA also experienced a significant boost in organic search resulting in a 49 percent increase in traffic to the site. The drag-and-drop site management tools allow the web team to easily update the site in real-time and schedule changes to go live on a specific date.
Optimizing operations
IWA has increased accuracies and saved money on shipping costs using NetSuite partner, DSI’s Digital Supply Chain Platform. By leveraging technology, IWA can keep warehouse headcount steady while increasing sales volume by double digits. When it comes to managing marketplace selling on Amazon and eBay, it’s a set-it-and-forget-it approach with FarApp which leverages the product data within NetSuite.


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