MongoDB Gains New Confidence in Financials with Switch from Intacct to NetSuite





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“We have real-time visibility into consolidated financials across all our subsidiaries, and have greatly improved our operational and time efficiencies with NetSuite.” MongoDB

Customer Success

  • MongoDB has strengthened global financial consolidation and reporting, currency conversion, revenue recognition and billing since replacing Intacct with NetSuite OneWorld in September 2014.
  • Addition of NetSuite OpenAir PSA (professional services automation) used by dozens of global consultants gives MongoDB a unified platform across software and services.
  • NetSuite OpenAir has helped improve professional services forecasting and utilization for the open-source NoSQL database provider, with nine million downloads and thousands of customers around the world.
  • With NetSuite OneWorld, MongoDB has gained the confidence and rigor in financials it lacked with Intacct in preparation for a potential IPO.
  • MongoDB uses OneWorld to streamline consolidation and reporting across 12 subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Spain, France, U.K., Hong Kong, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan and Singapore.
  • Multi-currency transactions and reporting in more than 10 currencies are more flexible and streamlined with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • MongoDB has simplified and automated value-added tax (VAT) reporting and compliance in several European nations with NetSuite’s built-in global tax capabilities.
  • Revenue recognition cycles are smoother with NetSuite, with more robust and sophisticated reporting.
  • Flexibility in NetSuite billing enables MongoDB to accommodate unique customer billing requirements.


  • MongoDB lacked strong confidence and tight controls needed for a potential IPO with its previous Intacct accounting application.
  • Limitations in Intacct forced MongoDB to do all revenue recognition in spreadsheets, with time-consuming manual and risk of errors.
  • MongoDB needed to make manual adjustments in currency conversions and lacked tight integration between Intacct and


  • NetSuite offered a proven solution relied on by more than 1,000 software companies to automate processes, increase efficiency, strengthen financials and help drive growth.
  • NetSuite OpenAir delivers professional services automation, integrating with NetSuite ERP for complete visibility across software and services.
  • Replacing spreadsheets, a Google calendar and a homegrown application, OpenAir provides a single, unified solution for PSA.
  • Connectivity solution from NetSuite partner Dell Boomi provides tight integration between NetSuite and CRM.

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