Outdoor Apparel Brand Hits Its Peak on NetSuite, Growing Revenue 8x With Capacity for More

Mons Royale is a New Zealand-based outdoor clothing manufacturer that specialises in performance apparel made from merino wool. Since its launch in 2009, the business has expanded from a team of two, founders Hannah and Hamish Acland, to 50 staff across three countries. Meanwhile, its adventure-loving customer base spans the globe.

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“In terms of revenue and business operations, we’re eight times bigger now than when we first took on NetSuite, and it’s not projected to stop. NetSuite has provided a solution that grows with us.” Lisa Gemmell, Finance Director, Mons Royale

Outdoor Apparel Brand Attains Peak Performance

Mountains of growth
Mons Royale has grown quickly in recent years, establishing entities in North America, Europe and Asia to better serve customers in those regions. While continuing to expand its wholesale business, it added a direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce site and opened three stores in New Zealand. With a growing legion of fans, Mons Royale now generates almost half of its revenue from D2C.
Xero not built for expansion
Mons Royale started out on Xero, which has a single ledger and isn’t built for complex companies operating in multiple countries. Mons Royale managed transactions across entities, including currency conversions and accounting for differing tax regulations, by hand. It took the finance team days worth of work each month just to ensure the business was staying compliant. Without intercompany and multi-entity accounting capabilities, leadership made decisions based largely on anecdotal insights and gut feel.
Global business, global ERP solution
Mons Royale now uses NetSuite OneWorld’s country-specific configurations to ease compliance with varied accounting, tax and regulatory requirements. With a real-time view of inventory as well as operational and financial performance, the finance team offers strategic advice versus simply number-crunching. For example, they might analyse global sales data to predict performance of potential new products.
Automation increases efficiency
Working in a single business system has supported Mons Royale through impressive scaling efforts: The retailer has grown revenue 8x since implementing NetSuite. Now, it’s working with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) to automate more manual processes. This includes developing a commissions solution that will accomplish, in the push of a button, the equivalent of 12 hours of work by a senior accountant on a spreadsheet at every month end.


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