POS Supply Solutions Leverages the Power of Real-Time Data with a Unified Cloud Platform

POS Supply Solutions, a distributor of point of sale and transaction supplies, started as a garage business running on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and later QuickBooks. But as the operation grew, its outdated, disconnected systems could no longer support the business while also providing a modern B2B ecommerce experience.

POS Supply Solutions


POS Supply Solutions


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“We are strong believers in the power of real-time data to make solid business decisions. NetSuite now gives us that single source of truth.” Mark Fitzgerald, COO, POS Supply Solutions

Data Drives Consistent Experiences

Going all in with NetSuite
POS Supply Solutions was an early adopter of NetSuite ERP and is now completing the suite by adding SuiteCommerce and the Bronto Marketing Platform. The business now has a single source of truth for customer, order, inventory and financial data to make better business decisions and enable accurate, engaging online experiences. The company is saving money by removing maintenance, integration service and hosting fees. Instead of spending valuable time on technical issues, employees can focus on more strategic business efforts.
Modern B2B ecommerce
POS Supply Solutions traded in its Magento ecommerce site for SuiteCommerce Advanced to truly unify the NetSuite platform and provide a better online buying experience for its B2B buyers. Customers now have multi-user account access and management, can pay invoices, view credit terms, request quotes, create product lists and quickly reorder products by SKU. These features have driven user engagement on the site—bounce rates have dropped by 40 percent and page visits have nearly doubled. Site performance has also improved with load times on the homepage and online catalog dropping from 4.8 seconds to 3.05 seconds.
Visibility saves time and money
Real-time visibility of inventory across its warehouse and multiple 3PLs allows POS Supply Solutions to quickly make shipment decisions that save time and maximize profits. Drop shipping is now as easy as a click of a button, and by setting rules and customizations within workflows, orders that require specifications such as blind drop shipping get delivered correctly.


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