University Automates Financial Processes, Making Time for Data Analysis

Saint Louis University, Philippines (SLU) is one of the top centres of academic excellence in the Philippines. Founded in 1911, it attracts students from around the world. The Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education has recognised SLU's graduate programs as both ‘Centers of Excellence’ and ‘Centers of Development,’ reinforcing the university’s reputation as a national leader.


Saint Louis University


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“Having data at my fingertips with NetSuite means that I can focus on being strategic. NetSuite takes care of the details.” Jonathan Ramirez, Director of Technology Management & Development, Saint Louis University

Educational Landmark Trades Legacy for Cutting-Edge

Building a reputation
SLU has 2,000 employees across 15 academic departments. It switched to online learning during the pandemic, increasing graduate student enrollment, and now hosts classes both online and in-person. SLU supports 30,000 students at elementary, high school, college and postgraduate levels, with a mission to develop globally competitive, empowered individuals.
Outdated system drags on reporting
SLU previously ran on a legacy, on-premises ERP system that presented issues across the business, especially in reporting. For example, presenting basic financial statements to the board required the VP of finance to create separate reports for SLU’s 15 departments — each a separate entity — and supporting analysis using the antiquated ERP and spreadsheets. The process took about a month twice per year.
Financial automation makes the grade
Following a hardware failure, SLU upgraded to NetSuite ERP. It no longer completes any tasks on paper and has automated financial processes including accounts receivable, which alone saves the team about five days of work per month. Generating financial reports in minutes means that preparing for board meetings now includes plenty of time for analysis.
Integrations support learning
SLU uses NetSuite data to get a better understanding of each department’s performance on metrics like student registrations and revenue, then make changes to ensure that each department hits its targets. The team is also creating a bespoke student information system that will integrate with both NetSuite and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, another of SLU’s core platforms, for more collaborative online education.

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