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Treknology 3’s NetSuite Journey Optimizes Inventory, Improves Customer Service

Expanding from a small bicycle store in Singapore to five retail stores and a megashowroom in Singapore and a megashowroom and retail store in Malaysia, Treknology Bikes 3 quickly outgrew its disparate legacy systems. Point of sale (POS) systems weren’t integrated and data wasn’t available in real-time, making it difficult to reliably promise stock to customers. Ensuring optimum inventory among stores was challenging. Treknology Bikes 3 needed a platform that could integrate operations for complete visibility.

Treknology Bikes 3


Treknology Bikes 3




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“For any company that is growing, NetSuite is a great advantage to your competitiveness. It’s a very powerful ERP system. Everything is on the cloud. When you want that information, it’s just there.” Treknology Bikes 3

Bike Retailer Achieves Inventory, Service Optimization


Integration, real-time data with NetSuite

Robust integration, real-time data availability and multi-currency support led Treknology Bikes 3 to implement NetSuite in 2013. With ambitions to open more stores, the ease with which it could provision the software for new users and locations was also a driver in its choice.


Data-driven decision-making capabilities

Treknology Bikes 3 now has complete visibility across its operations to optimize inventory and customer service. With real-time POS data, reps can reliably promise stock to customers. Cleaner customer data bolsters brand loyalty. Faster reporting helps management make insight-driven decisions.


Demand-driven inventory, ecommerce next

Treknology Bikes 3's reputation for superior customer service will only grow as it now seeks to implement demand-driven inventory and ecommerce with NetSuite. Treknology Bikes 3's investments lend it competitive advantage, and NetSuite will scale with its ambitions to grow across additional countries.


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