Witgang Far East Sows Seeds for Rapid Growth in Asia with NetSuite

Witgang Far East


Witgang Far East


Hong Kong



Applications Replaced

Salesforce.com, Eastop


NetSuite International
Inventory Management

“We’re about to post record profits, and I’m convinced a lot of that is due to the efficiencies that NetSuite has allowed us to take advantage of.” Witgang Far East

Customer Success

  • NetSuite provides integrated accounting, inventory management and CRM for the distributor of fertilizers, water management products and specialty chemicals for golf courses, farming and other applications.
  • Witgang Far East leverages NetSuite support for multiple currencies, inventory locations and languages to efficiently manage and grow its business across China, Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia.
  • Distributor is realizing record profits in 2014 after revenue increases of about 65 percent in the two years since NetSuite went live in 2012.
  • Witgang has increased customer base to more than 300 businesses across China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
  • Real-time visibility into available inventory across 250 SKUs in four warehouses helps Witgang Far East respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries.
  • NetSuite enables Witgang Far East to run seven separate geographies and three core lines of business as divisions, enabling seamless consolidation and profitability analysis.
  • Detailed financial reporting on real-time data enables Witgang to closely monitor each aspect of its business.
  • Multi-currency support in NetSuite enables Witgang Far East to seamlessly transact in the currencies of the U.S., China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
  • NetSuite delivers critical multi-lingual capabilities that enable Witgang Far East to do business in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • NetSuite purchase ordering enables Witgang to seamlessly order hundreds of tons of product from about 15 suppliers, including BASF, Bayer and Sygenta.
  • Ramp-up with marketing automation for promotional emails gives Witgang an additional avenue to drive further revenue and customer engagement.


  • Witgang Far East lacked essential financial and inventory management capabilities in Salesforce.com and previous Eastop accounting application.
  • Company didn’t want to deploy and integrate a third-party ERP solution to work with its former Salesforce.com CRM system.
  • Staff resorted to time-consuming Excel reporting that provided little visibility into the business.


  • Selected over MYOB, NetSuite offered integrated ERP and CRM with support for multiple entities, currencies, languages and warehouses.
  • NetSuite cloud architecture and web access to vital business information is ideal for Witgang’s distributed workforce across 12 locations.
  • Witgang Far East is able to avoid the cost and complexity of in-house systems while gaining agility for rapid growth.

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