Built for NetSuite Overview

Built for NetSuite

“Built for NetSuite” is NetSuite's initiative to educate and assist SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) Partners with their goal to provide quality SuiteApps.

The program provides SDN Partners with principles and guidelines for developing SuiteApps in accordance with industry and NetSuite design best practices. It also provides a method for SDN Partners to verify that they have implemented these best practices in building their SuiteApp, and making it available.

The Built for NetSuite program is built on the foundation of Education, Consultation and Confirmation.


Education consists of making information and resources available on the following:

  • NetSuite's SuiteApp development process, which is based on the “design, develop, test and deploy” model.
  • Design principles at key integration points intended to guide SDN Partners in making appropriate development choices in building their SuiteApps, including guidance directed toward SuiteApp reliability and security.
  • Operational and technical security best practices recommended by security industry organisations.
  • Considerations regarding their software development process, licensing practices, data privacy, and customer agreements.


NetSuite SDN team members are available for consultation with SDN Partners to:

  • Provide additional information on the Built for NetSuite program requirements.
  • Help SDN Partners throughout the SuiteApp development life cycle.
  • Help with questions and resolving issues while completing the questionnaire and other steps in the Built for NetSuite badging process.


The confirmation process includes the SDN Partners:

  • Submitting a completed questionnaire confirming that the SuiteApp meets the program requirements.
  • Providing positive customer references and / or
  • Giving a product demonstration to NetSuite.

NetSuite reviews the SDN Partner's questionnaire response, references and demo submission for completeness and appropriateness, and when the SDN Partner's submission is complete, notifies the SDN Partner that the SuiteApp has qualified for the Built for NetSuite badge.

Validity of the Built for NetSuite badge:

The Built for NetSuite badge must be renewed for each major release of the SuiteApp and must also be renewed for every major NetSuite release (2013.1, 2013.2,..). The Built for NetSuite badge may be revoked by NetSuite at any time if the SuiteApp no longer meets the program requirements.

Important Note:

While Built for NetSuite may increase confidence in the quality and security of third party applications, the program does not provide any guarantee from NetSuite, and it is important that customers understand the implications of using third-party applications. Additional functionality, interoperability and security evaluation by customers is recommended.