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IT and management consultants can take advantage of new opportunities from NetSuite solutions. In addition to receiving a 10% Referral Fee* for businesses you introduce to NetSuite, our Referral Partner Program will enable you to offer improved services and establish a long-term relationship with your client.

Many IT and management consultants join the NetSuite Referral Partner Program as a way to generate revenue while others, especially those with specialised services such as vendor selection, want to maintain impartiality. NetSuite provides two options:

  • You can take the Referral Fee in cash.
  • You can refer customers but elect not to receive a referral fee. You will still benefit from membership in the program by gaining access to a better understanding of our software and the advantages of SaaS, product demonstrations and new product information, industry news and information, and other services offered exclusively to NetSuite Referral Partners.
    Cloud-based or SaaS solutions is creating a new dynamic in the software market that enables consultants to capture revenue that was historically allocated to value-added resellers (VARs) of “traditional” or on-premise software packages. This is due to some fundamental differences between SaaS and “traditional” software:
  • NetSuite allows configuration to be done using a “click-not-code” process that enables anyone with a good knowledge of the software to create/modify roles, reports, basic workflows, and other aspects of the software. “Traditional” software requires most configurations to be done using specialised coding languages previously created by VARs at hundreds of dollars per hour. Consultants familiar with NetSuite can now offer these types of services on an on-going basis without being certified in esoteric programming languages.
  • SaaS solutions have a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) because the subscription cost of SaaS includes data back-up, security, maintenance/updates and other services that have historically been provided by VARs. By leveraging the SaaS model and the Referral Partner Program, consultants can “bundle” business process improvement and other consultative services in conjunction with an implementation. Your customer will still have a much lower TCO than they would have if they had purchased traditional software while perceiving (and receiving) greater value.
  • NetSuite enables you to perform customisation and integration using standard languages such as JavaScript and Web Services. IT consultants familiar with these standardised languages can create new interfaces for NetSuite, integrate external data, build custom websites linked to the NetSuite back end, and many other services. These tools can also be used to create extensions to NetSuite's base functionality, which can then be re-sold to other NetSuite customers.
    Management consultants additionally benefit when their customers use NetSuite. As an end-to-end solution that captures critical business data on all aspects of a company's operations—including ecommerce, marketing, sales, projects, inventory and accounting—NetSuite allows consultants to access the information from anywhere, anytime for analysis, and actionable insights to implement better processes. For example:
  • Easily measuring the conversion rate or even the ROI for individual AdWords or other marketing campaigns by joining financial/ERP, sales and marketing data.
  • Setting up approvals and workflow on transactions as they flow across the organisation.
  • Ensuring Fixed Bid projects are being priced properly by combining billing, employee cost, and inventory and time-entry data.
  • Determining and setting automated re-order points for inventory items based on sales forecasts, historical sales and other variables.

Take the next step toward growing your business by offering more comprehensive services, securing longer-term customer relationships, and helping your customers become more efficient and competitive. Join the NetSuite Referral Partner Program today.

*Please see Terms and Conditions for complete information.

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