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IntoScape Launches Total Commerce Management for NetSuite

New Vertical Application Helps Ecommerce Businesses Do More With Less

LONDON—February 28, 2008—IntoScape, a UK software developer, today launched Total Commerce Management for NetSuite, an application suite designed to automate and integrate key business processes including those in the supply chain management, procurement, competitor monitoring and pricing systems and with particular emphasis on fast-moving Ecommerce companies. Total Commerce Management is powered by the NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS) from NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) , a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business management application suites that provide Accounting / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ecommerce software suites for small and midsized businesses and divisions of large companies. Total Commerce Management for NetSuite automates make-or-break merchandising activities of a business: from supplier sourcing and competitor analysis to margin-based pricing calculation, inventory management and catalogue updates, substantially reducing the resources and time required to perform these critical functions. For more information about this solution, please visit

NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application development platform for software developers, ISVs and VARs that enables them to create industry-specific applications targeting all spectrums of vertical markets. IntoScape uses the development platform of NS-BOS to develop and distribute its Total Commerce Management for NetSuite to NetSuite customers, drawing from its expertise in powering the Ecommerce activities of, an online IT equipment reseller. Total Commerce Management for NetSuite is an ideal solution for growing and medium-sized enterprises that need to manage the complex, Web-based, catalogue and telesales environments — for businesses where price and stock movements may be frequent and volatile and daily competitor activity influences published prices.

By tying into the core business processes supported by NetSuite's on-demand business suite, Total Commerce Management also automates those related key business processes. These include: procurement, supply-chain management, competitor monitoring and the automation of product pricing, inventory management and content management updates for any Web store that makes use of the NetSuite shopping cart and checkout process — including externally hosted Web stores that integrate via NetSuite's Website Developers Kit (WSDK).

As a result of this tight integration between IntoScape's Total Commerce Management solution and the NetSuite business suite, Total Commerce Management is the solution for businesses that need to distil and analyse information from external and internal sources alike and present it back to executives and managers in a centralised, easy-to-use dashboard environment — from which they can make timely, accurate and confident decisions based on the latest business data.

The combination of NS-BOS and Total Commerce Management for NetSuite creates a powerful tool for mid-market wholesale and distribution, and online retailing-dependent businesses looking to compete more effectively and efficiently in their market. As such, IntoScape has helped to redefine the way in which businesses can manage these multiple, complex challenges while combining ‘best practices' from across the entire business environment, letting them work effectively together in a single business system. The rapid and efficient growth of the retail site is testament to the powerful capabilities that Total Commerce Management for NetSuite can bring to a business.

"This is a major step forward in managing fast-moving retail environments," said Steve Willock, Managing Director at IntoScape. "Previously companies may have taken weeks to achieve what Total Commerce Management allows them to do in minutes. The human resource requirement to run it is minimal, compared to an established retailer who could employ 20 to 50 people to manage the various disparate tasks that just two people could handle with minimal effort with this technology. The fact that the Total Commerce Management platform is fully integrated with NetSuite ensures that a business' customers benefit fully from leading technology, making them both more profitable and better able to satisfy their customers."

"We believe the level of automation and integration that the IntoScape development team has created for its customers by leveraging NS-BOS is unique, and seeing a demonstration of the combined platforms of Total Commerce Management and NetSuite working together is quite remarkable," said Craig Sullivan, VP, International Products at NetSuite Inc. "It has reinforced our belief that the expanding development community who are using NS-BOS development tools and complimentary technologies are creating world-class solutions in a variety of markets. We are delighted that our new BOS capabilities have proven to be a successful distribution vehicle for this application's deployment and we look forward to sharing many more customer success stories with the IntoScape team in the future."

Availability and Pricing:
Total Commerce Management for NetSuite is now available as a software solution throughout the UK and to all NetSuite territories throughout the world. For information about the pricing please visit

About IntoScape and Total Commerce Management Limited
IntoScape is a trade mark and trading name for the Total Commerce Management Platform and application suite managed by Total Commerce Management Limited in the United Kingdom. For further information or to request a demonstration, please visit or telephone +44 161 282 4510.

Note: is now part of the SCC plc group of companies and the first in the world to benefit from Total Commerce Management for NetSuite. created the UK's largest online catalogue for Computer and Consumer Electronics, generally managing approximately 300,000 separate product SKUs daily with over 90 real-time suppliers feeds updating the system throughout each day. Over 30 competitor sites were monitored to track price and stock availability. was able to source, set competitive prices and updates their live website catalogue of approximately 50,000 available products multiple times per day as a result of their deployment of the Total Commerce Management for NetSuite solution. That their entire catalogue was built and managed by a team of just two people and can be refreshed for content and prices in just 24 minutes demonstrates the power and efficiency of this unique solution.