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QuickBooks customers continue defection to NetSuite

Outgrowing QuickBooks, 1000+ Companies Move to NetSuite for One Integrated Solution for CRM, ERP and Ecommerce

SAN MATEO, Calif.—March 15, 2007—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software, today announced that more companies have switched to NetSuite from QuickBooks. These companies previously used QuickBooks in conjunction with other software applications to run their key business operations. Companies switched to NetSuite for one software solution that integrates ERP, CRM and ecommerce, which can accommodate rapid growth as well as take away the pains associated with using different silo applications. NetSuite's intuitive user interface and data migration path from QuickBooks have successfully helped these companies implement NetSuite. For more information about how to switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite, please go to

QuickBooks is widely used by US small businesses, but it has limitations for growing companies. The most powerful version of QuickBooks — QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions — can only support 20 simultaneous users and only track a finite number of items, customers, or vendors (Source: A company's accounting system is the key repository for business data and when limited, it leaves the company badly crippled. Primarily an accounting package, QuickBooks requires a business to buy and integrate separate applications in order to run sales force management, ecommerce operations, marketing and customer support. Frustrations with functionality limitations, high cost and pain associated with integration forces QuickBooks users to look for something better.

NetSuite brings the power of big business software to small, rapidly growing businesses. It allows companies to run one integrated system spanning CRM, ERP and ecommerce. This one system architecture eliminates redundant data entry and the cost associated with managing multiple systems for finance, sales, warehouse management, customer support and ecommerce. NetSuite includes user dashboards which give real-time data and applications appropriate for their jobs. NetSuite is an on-demand solution, allowing the application to be accessed anytime, anywhere, while eliminating the cost of managing, maintaining and upgrading business applications.

The companies that switched to NetSuite span a wide spectrum of industries from software, telecommunications, wholesale/distribution, retail, to services and ecommerce. Some of these companies include:


WhippleHill Communications,
Provider of Web-based, on-demand, independent school software solutions.

"We were running our CRM and accounting systems separately and were doing multiple entries in each system. QuickBooks was slow and difficult to access when we weren't in our network," said Travis Warren, President of WhippleHill Communications. "Now, with NetSuite, we have access from anywhere and across all platforms."

Provider of Web-based, on-demand, independent school software solutions.

"We were running our CRM and accounting systems separately and were doing multiple entries in each system. QuickBooks was slow and difficult to access when we weren't in our network," said Travis Warren, President of WhippleHill Communications. "Now, with NetSuite, we have access from anywhere and across all platforms."

Expense tracking and recovery technology for service professionals and their providers.

"Our business is distributed, and QuickBooks didn't allow us to see or monitor quotes being remotely generated," said Jeremy Evans, CEO of Sepialine. "NetSuite eliminates the inflexibility of QuickBooks by letting us see across all our locations in real-time with access from anywhere."


TuVox Incorporated,
Provider of on-demand speech applications.

"Originally we decided to switch from QuickBooks because we were interested in Web-based accounting in real-time," said Joe McCarthy, VP of Finance for TuVox, Inc. "We had surpassed the breadth of QuickBooks' functionality. NetSuite's ability to summarise info in custom reports and dashboards at an executive level has made it worth the switch alone."


Feeney Wire Rope & Rigging,
Industrial rigging fabricator and distributor.

"We decided to make the move from QuickBooks because with our business growing so rapidly we needed a more powerful tool with more flexibility," said Katrina Ralston, General Manager/COO of Feeney Wire Rope & Rigging. "NetSuite has given us all the accounting functionality we need with access from anywhere with an Internet connection."

POS Supply Solutions,
International supplier of point of sale, credit card, ATM, kiosk and fuel pump roll paper and ribbon supply solutions.

"We switched from QuickBooks to NetSuite to give us the ability to seamlessly integrate our company from front to back," said Stephen Enfield, President of POS Supply Solutions. "With QuickBooks, we couldn't effectively integrate with our ecommerce site, CRM application and shipping carrier. NetSuite provides us with a completely integrated solution to help grow our business."

Assemble Connect,
Worldwide distributor of contract manufactured products.

"QuickBooks did a lot of things well. We used the premier version that was customised for our specific industry. However, our company needed significantly more customisation and integration with other systems that QuickBooks just could not do," said Eric Wendt, President of Assemble Connect. "With QuickBooks we were forced to run three concurrent systems and maintain separate data stores. After switching to NetSuite, we now have all one system and have all of our information in one place, and it is accessible to all that need it."


On the Fly,
Clothing and accessories for the modern gentleman.

"Originally we switched from QuickBooks because we wanted to be able to update our system from anywhere and view our data in real-time," said Ami Arad, Founder of On the Fly. "The added bonus is that now we have expanded and NetSuite is doing our payroll, inventory and more!"

Pro Gear Warehouse,
Reseller of brand name musical gear.

"The switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite was a no brainier for us," said David Brown, CEO of Pro Gear Warehouse. "Once you compare the systems and the advantages available to grow your business with NetSuite, the choice was simple!"


Payday Resources,
Service provider of loans to the general public.

"Originally, we chose to switch because we liked that NetSuite's accounting package was so robust and had more accounting functionality than QuickBooks," said Jeff Benson, Owner of Payday Resources. "Then we began using the front end as well which made things simple and more effective on both ends."

I.D. ME Promotions,
Promotional products as an advertising medium.

"I took the step and dropped QuickBooks for NetSuite," said Neil Levitt of I.D. ME Promotions. "Now I realize how information was holding us back and how much time was spent by using a limited program like QuickBooks. NetSuite gives access to any information needed on our business in seconds. Now we spend more time focusing on our customers and building our business. We love it! The kicker is I don't worry about updates, backups or server equipment either."

DCS Integrated Solutions,
IT consulting firm.

"The way our information integrates is handled beautifully by NetSuite and the fact that it is the 'always on' solution for everyone in the company no matter where in the world they are," said Alta du Toit, Owner of DCS Integrated Solutions. "It's a tool that simply cannot be matched by QuickBooks or any other system that we know of — at least not for the price."

American Reporting Company, LLC,
Provider of real estate settlement services for financial institutions.

"QuickBooks didn't allow us to produce detailed invoices, only statements. Everything was convoluted requiring us to have multiple systems to do our accounting because we couldn't get the level of functionality we needed," said Nathan Porter, Chief Operating Officer for American Reporting Company, LLC. "With NetSuite, we can create as many custom fields as necessary in invoices or statements."


Personal wine shopper service.

"Before NetSuite we had a patchwork solution combining QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets to track our inventory and customer data base," said Hal Oates, CEO of Porthos. "With NetSuite we now have a user friendly solution with everything under one roof."

Jump TV,
Provider of international television service over the Internet.

"Being a fast-paced TV and Internet company, we needed to track our key performance indicators and dashboard accurately and on a daily basis," said Kriss Bush, CFO of Jump TV. "We found that NetSuite's hosted model gave us the ability to customise our dashboard and key performance indicators to show the performance of our company, which was something QuickBooks couldn't do."

Circle of Friends,
Distributor of professional hair, bath and body products for children.

"NetSuite freed us from the QuickBooks tether which tied us to one network, one computer setup, one particular way of having to wrangle data and synchronise it with lots of other systems," said Brian Keare, CFO of Circle of Friends. "Under NetSuite, I have one seamlessly integrated system that allows me to manage all critical aspects of my business — and which I can access from wherever I am in the world and from whatever computer I have in front of me. NetSuite has freed our talented people from the tether of the home office desk and allowed us to venture out in new ways to spend more time on the important business of generating profitable revenues for the company."


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