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OpenAir dominates professional services automation market with highest market share

SPI’s Independent Study of 170 PS Organisations Validates OpenAir’s Leadership Position

Key Findings Include: By Using OpenAir Companies Gain a 30% Increase in Project Margins While Reducing Project Cancellations by 40%

BOSTON, Mass.—April 22, 2009—OpenAir, Inc., a NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) company and a leading provider of on-demand professional services automation (PSA) software, today announced the results released in an independent research study by SPI Research, a leading services research firm conducting research studies that provide insight into how services-driven organisations can operate more efficiently.

In the white paper "Measuring the Value of Application Integration for Service Organisations," SPI Research outlines the key findings of its recent Professional Services Maturity Model study. According to SPI Research's study:

  • OpenAir/NetSuite had the highest market share among leading PSA providers — 19% (31 out of 170 organisations), which was more than two times higher than the market share of the next highest PSA vendor.
  • SPI Research found that firms that use a PSA solution such as OpenAir/NetSuite experience at least a 30% increase in project margins, a 30% increase in the number of projects that can be managed concurrently by a project manager (PM) (4.5 versus 3.5) and a 42% decrease in project cancellations (2.6% versus 3.7%) compared to firms that do not use a PSA solution.
  • Furthermore, SPI Research's study found that firms that use a PSA solution such as OpenAir integrated with their core financial applications experience at least a 6% increase in utilisation (67.1% versus 60.9%) compared to firms that do not have a PSA solution.

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The benchmark study also showed a number of areas where OpenAir's customers showed superior performance compared to the benchmark average. Specifically, OpenAir clients experienced a higher percentage of billable employees vs. the survey average (74.3% vs. 67.9%) and lower project cancellation rates (1.2% vs. 1.8%) while achieving a greater percentage of revenue (101.9% vs. 95.8%) and margin targets (97.1% vs. 89.2%) vs. the survey average.

"SPI Research's Professional Services Maturity Model study validates the benefits that our clients have been experiencing for years from using OpenAir to automate their services businesses," said Morris Panner, CEO of OpenAir. "Higher resource utilisation, improved project margins and increased operating efficiency are just a few of the many direct benefits that services companies realise from using OpenAir."

The white paper "Measuring the Value of Application Integration for Service Organisations" is based on the 2009 PS Maturity Model by SPI Research, whichprovides benchmark information from 170 PS organisations (105 embedded and 65 independent) ranging in size from very small to the largest U.S.-based consulting organisations. Surveys were completed in Q4 2008. The report includes 168 pages with chapters on each of the five service performance pillars, New Maturity definitions for Leadership, IT, Resource Management and PMO as well as Key Performance Measurements segmented by PS organisation size (9 segments). For more information about the report and SPI Research please visit

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