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Retailers continue to achieve omnichannel commerce success on NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform

The Noerr Programs, Patriot Outfitters, Glassybaby and Others Fuel Growth with NetSuite Ecommerce and Point of Sale Solutions

IRCE 2013, CHICAGO, Ill.—June 4, 2013—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that a growing number of organisations are building and expanding successful retail businesses with NetSuite SuiteCommerce and NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS solutions, a unified cloud commerce suite for multi-channel retailers. NetSuite allows retailers like The Noerr Programs, Patriot Outfitters, glassybaby, and others to enjoy the benefits of a single commerce solution that extends across physical point-of-sale (POS) to call centres and Ecommerce via a responsive design web storefront.

Competing successfully in today's omnichannel retail environment requires eliminating the friction and inconsistent experiences customers face when shopping across multiple touchpoints. Building the commerce infrastructure on top of a single view of every customer transaction and interaction—regardless of channel—is essential to delivering on rising customer expectations for cross-channel shopping. Retailers must be able to deliver personalized promotions, customer service, and upsell opportunities from anywhere. With the vast majority of transactions still flowing through physical retail, the store is still the biggest driver of financial success for most retailers.

NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS provides these capabilities through both mobile devices and traditional POS hardware that are both customizable and easy to use, allowing store associates to quickly become productive. NetSuite's mobile POS solution empowers sales staff to improve customer service and conduct transactions on the sales floor, at a tradeshow, convention, or in the field. Retailers leveraging SuiteCommerce also benefit from NetSuite's native capabilities for distributed order management, inventory and warehouse management, CRM, marketing, and customer support. This comprehensive retail management functionality allows them to grow their businesses with seamless processes, providing a consistent, relevant customer experience regardless of touchpoint.

"To grow the customer relationship, retailers need a 360-degree view of the customer, informed by data across multiple touchpoints as well as a full suite of capabilities supporting the customer experience," said Branden Jenkins, General Manager of Retail/eTail, NetSuite. "Retailers are embracing our cloud business suite because they believe in the customer-centric approach to business and require the agility necessary to bring that concept to life. With SuiteCommerce and NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS, we have extended NetSuite's ability to deliver the full value of the NetSuite platform through the most critical retail touchpoint."

Based on the NetSuite "Commerce as a Service" (CaaS) architecture, SuiteCommerce provides a suite of fully integrated, cloud-based commerce capabilities that address key omnichannel challenges and deliver critical business advantages, including a 360-degree view into customer relationships, real-time data visibility and analytics, real-time inventory management, a dynamic web storefront, efficient order management, and multi-website management. It allows one instance to support multiple websites across B2C and B2B business audiences and national boundaries.

By providing these capabilities in a single suite, SuiteCommerce and NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS are helping companies such as The Noerr Programs, Patriot Outfitters and glassybaby eliminate unproductive manual work, optimise customer engagement and focus on growing their businesses.

The Noerr Programs (, providers of Santa, Easter Bunny and special occasion holiday photos and experiences to millions of U.S. consumers, has improved its speed, customer service, efficiency and CRM capabilities since upgrading from electronic cash registers and Excel files to NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS atop the core NetSuite cloud business management solution. Deployed seasonally at more than 230 shopping malls in the U.S., the solution enables the Noerr staff to record product sales of photos, keychains, picture frames and other goods, and easily capture customer contact information at the POS—details that were not possible with its previous cash register approach. The rich customer information provides Noerr with a new avenue to upsell photo reprints through its online store and to cultivate an ongoing dialogue with customers for upcoming events through NetSuite's built-in marketing tools. Ease of use in NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS helps the more than 2,500 part-time seasonal staff to quickly master the POS system, while nightly sales reporting has been reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes. With NetSuite, Noerr management has timely, automated sales reports on demand, versus the manual Excel processes of the past. Use of NetSuite to track inventory by location ensures adequate stock and streamlines replenishment, saving each divisional and regional manager 12 hours a week. "With NetSuite, we can see customer, transaction and inventory data in real-time," said Michael Wood, Director of Operations at the Arvada, Colo.-based company. "We are able to put aside concerns about the next day and focus on our mission, which is creating holiday magic all year round."

Patriot Outfitters (, a multi-channel retailer of military tactical gear headquartered near Topeka, Kansas, is tightening its B2C and B2B commerce processes with NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS at 23 physical stores in 10 states. NetSuite SuiteCommerce is powering two Ecommerce websites, and NetSuite CRM is supporting its call centre channel. The unified commerce solution supports Patriot Outfitters' rapid growth and is delivering breakthrough efficiency compared to its previous solution of unintegrated QuickBooks systems for POS and financials and a custom-built web storefront. For example, the time it takes to manage its two Ecommerce sites, one for the public and one for active military members, has been cut in half, with the ability to simultaneously publish content to both sites from a single SuiteCommerce instance. A real-time, cross-channel view of sales, inventory and customers is improving productivity and customer service, while demand planning helps the company avoid costly stock-outs across its inventory of about 30,000 SKUs. "We really feel NetSuite is the top, best-in-class solution, head and shoulders above the competition. It's a strategic initiative for us to have our entire core data consolidated in one location," said Pete Isermann, owner of Patriots Outfitters.

glassybaby (, a Seattle-based manufacturer and retailer of hand-blown votive candle holders and vessels has gained scalability through system integration and is now rapidly expanding its retail channels. The retail system builds on glassybaby's use of NetSuite for accounting, inventory management, and manufacturing resource planning for production of about 175,000 glassybaby vessels per year in more than 400 colors. NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS now processes transactions and captures customer information for retail sales at three brick-and-mortar stores in the Seattle area, replacing a variety of problematic POS systems glassybaby had used over the years. By upgrading from QuickBooks to NetSuite, glassybaby has gained real-time visibility and forecasting capabilities to help meet B2C and B2B demand spikes in the November-December holiday season and now has more than 50 resale outlets in the U.S. The scalability for growth provided from integrating their business systems supported $7 million in sales in 2012 and part of the more than $1.25 million in donations to charitable organisations since the company was founded in 2001, as 10 percent of all profits go to charities. "NetSuite is a complete system that's easily adaptable to a wide range of operations," said Barry Harmon, glassybaby CFO. "It's simple to maintain and scales as we grow. We're able to access sales data very quickly, and that's a powerful tool for production planning."

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