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NetSuite Enables Wine Producer Oriel to Automate Business Operations from Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Support to Ecommerce in 16 Regions and 6 Countries

SAN MATEO, CA—August 12, 2004—NetSuite, Inc., today announced that Oriel, a wine producer that is creating wines in sixteen regions and in six countries, has reported unprecedented success in using NetSuite to automate its entire business operations ranging from manufacturing, sales and marketing to ecommerce. Its founder and CEO John Hunt said, "If it hadn't been for NetSuite, I could not have formed the company this way. I would have had to be a lot less ambitious." For more information about the ecommerce success achieved by more than 1000 companies, please go to

Oriel produces wines in small quantities to ensure quality. Its goal is to offer consumers diversity and value. Oriel employs winemakers and leases vineyards and production facilities in sixteen regions of Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Spain and the United States (California). Because of this unique business model, Oriel needed sophisticated applications to run its operations. After evaluating several software packages, Oriel turned to NetSuite for an integrated on-demand solution that can manage the full range of business operations from manufacturing, marketing and sales to ecommerce.

With NetSuite, Oriel can manage production, cost and inventory across multiple warehouses – and in multiple currencies; NetSuite's Kits and Assembly feature gives the company the ability to track the raw materials all the way through to becoming finished products; the company also uses NetSuite financials and CRM for sales, customer service and marketing operations; finally NetSuite's ecommerce platform powers the company's Web Site and Web Store so that Oriel can also sell wines online.

"We are projecting sales in the tens of millions of dollars within the next few years," said John Hunt, CEO of Oriel ( "Some will be direct online sales to consumers, and some will be through the wholesale trade to retail stores and restaurants. All will be managed – indeed, made possible – through NetSuite."

About Oriel
Oriel creates artisanal wines from celebrated vineyards around the world under a single, reliable brand that will provide a wine for any occasion. The Oriel approach eliminates the hassle and uncertainty of selecting wine by combining diversity, value and uncompromising quality under a single label. "Our goal is to facilitate discovery and provide confidence" says John Hunt founder of Oriel. "We want to bring people with us on a delicious and fascinating journey through the wines of the world."

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