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NetSuite Adds Keyword Marketing Module for Google Adwords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search

NetSuite Offers First and Only Solution Optimizing the Complete Process of Search Engine Marketing from Quality Lead Generation to Conversion to ROI

SAN MATEO, Calif.—August 22, 2006—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business software suites, today announced the first and only solution to provide complete tracking and management for search engine marketing campaigns. The NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module includes a search engine keyword campaign creation wizard, keyword campaign management capabilities and a bevy of pre-built reports designed to manage Google AdWords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search purchases more effectively and efficiently. Coupled with order management and tracking through to final sales revenue, the newly released NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module allows organisations to gain a clear picture of what keyword marketing dollars produce at every sales stage — from the leads generated per keyword, to leads converted, and finally to revenue, profit and ROI generated per keyword. A joint Google/NetSuite Webinar,, featuring Jay O'Connor, VP of Marketing at NetSuite and Chris Valle, Senior Manager of Sales at Google is available to provide more information about search engine marketing and NetSuite's new keyword marketing capabilities.

Given the growth in search engine usage by business and consumer purchasers, managing the placement, tracking, and bidding on hundreds if not thousands of keywords can challenge marketing organisations of any size. Just handling the logistical aspects of placing keywords can often span several systems, making this aspect of marketing highly repetitive and prone to error.

As importantly, measuring the effectiveness of keyword expenditures is a significant challenge, especially when considering purchases where a prospect may visit a site several times before buying. For marketing organisations to truly measure the performance of paid search marketing using Google AdWords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search, they need to achieve "closed loop marketing" and have the ability to examine results at each stage of the process from click-through, to lead, through the sales cycle to customer and revenue. The ultimate result from tracking to revenue offers insight into which words generated — not just leads, but which ones turn into revenue and profit. Solutions available to date don't provide this level of visibility into paid search marketing, or most other marketing programs, because the data required for complete conversion and ROI analysis resides in a patchwork of separate, unconnected systems. This means that marketers cannot see the full impact on customers, revenue, profit or ROI — resulting in a lack of optimisation of keyword purchases and missed selling opportunities.

Together with NetSuite's marketing automation and order management capabilities, the new NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module offers everything marketers need to optimise their search engine marketing efforts and achieve closed loop marketing. The new keyword creation wizard allows marketers to quickly generate campaigns per keyword, along with a specific click-through URL to embed within Google AdWords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search. Optionally, marketers can use an import template optimised for search engines to bulk create these campaigns per keyword. NetSuite's order management capabilities track each keyword through the sales process to revenue generated. Keyword campaigns can be automatically tracked by keyword, rolled up to groups of "keyword families." Additionally, keyword campaigns are analyzed by product, offer, landing page, or message.

Reports specific to keyword marketing allow for analysis of not just visitors who click-through from search engine keywords, but conversion rates to lead, prospect and customer, as well as complete revenue, profit and ROI. These metrics are available in real-time Dashboards, allowing marketers to quickly identify both successful and problematic keywords and reallocate budget accordingly so keyword marketing efforts are optimised to maximise their profitability. As the level of accountability for all marketing activities is rising dramatically, executives focus on planning and executing marketing campaigns, and spend time assessing their performance because every dollar counts. The capabilities NetSuite offers help marketers measure the impact of their online marketing activities and course correct instantly — the visibility they never had before.

"Paid search marketing is a must for any organisation today. With the new NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module, we have created the industry's first and only solution to truly provide closed loop marketing analysis — the Holy Grail for any marketer," said Mini Peiris, VP of Product Management at NetSuite. "Without closed loop analysis for search engine marketing, you can miss key selling opportunities and can't optimise profits from paid search. Only NetSuite gives you the tools to effectively evaluate the real success of your keyword marketing efforts."

Pricing and Availability
NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module is available now in NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+ at no additional cost.