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NetSuite unveils new program to help accountants tap the power of cloud financials and ERP

New Program Helps Accountants Collaborate More Effectively With Clients Running NetSuite’s Cloud Financials

SAN MATEO, Calif.—August 31, 2010—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced the NetSuite Accountant Program, a new program designed exclusively for accountants eager to tap the power of cloud computing to provide the best possible service to clients running their financials on NetSuite. The NetSuite Accountant Program offers accountants services including secure real-time, browser-based access to their clients' NetSuite accounts, at the clients' discretion and preferred rates on NetSuite training. The program is provided at no charge to accounting firms, and their clients who are running NetSuite. For more information, please visit

The introduction of the NetSuite Accountant Program highlights a key benefit of cloud-based financials that is practically unachievable with legacy on-premise accounting software. Cloud-based financials enable accounting firms and their clients to securely collaborate through real-time access to the accounts, allowing them to resolve accounting issues and close the books faster than previously possible. It stands in stark contrast to old, on-premise systems such as Great Plains and Sage, which inhibit collaboration by making remote access challenging and often leaving accounting firms working with information from outdated reports and spreadsheets from their clients.

"NetSuite’s Accountant Program enables me to provide superior customer support to my NetSuite clients throughout the United States and Canada," said Barry Boese, Certified Management Accountant at Baac Office. "Since NetSuite is web-based, I can view transactions and process month-end entries right from my desk, saving all of us time and money while eliminating most travel time and costs."

The NetSuite Accountant Program provides accounting firms with the following benefits:

  • Securely, easily and remotely support clients who are running NetSuite. By joining the program, the accounting firm’s client that is running NetSuite can provide the firm with secure single-seat access to their NetSuite account at their discretion — at no charge to the firm or the client.
  • Receive training and tools to learn NetSuite and navigate the client’s NetSuite-based financials. By joining the program, the accounting firm gets discounts on training classes to hone their NetSuite skills, as well as a NetSuite demonstration account to test transaction and report implications in a non-production environment.
  • Learn about the latest NetSuite innovations and get advice from fellow NetSuite users. By joining the program, the accounting firm is updated on the latest innovations from NetSuite, and can gain advice from other NetSuite users through complementary membership in the NetSuite User Group, as well as exclusive access to NetSuite thought leadership and networking events.
  • Benefits for referring new business to NetSuite. By joining the program, the accounting firm can receive benefits for referring new business to NetSuite with elective eligibility for a 10% commission on the first year’s license for new referrals that translate to NetSuite customers.

The NetSuite Accountant Program is available immediately to all qualified applicants.

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