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NetSuite aims to rid world of software Hairballs

NetSuite Cloud Suite Provides Long-Sought Cure

SAN MATEO, Calif. — October 4, 2010 — NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced the launch of an innovative, lighthearted multimedia campaign designed to promote awareness of and a cure for enterprise software hairballs — the inefficient, ineffective tangle of disparate enterprise applications and middleware that hinders productivity and drives up costs due to brittle integration, incompatible processes, low productivity and high maintenance costs.

Through a dedicated micro-site (, online advertising, email, YouTube videos, and a range of social media activities on Facebook and Twitter channels, NetSuite explains the value-destroying properties of software hairballs and demonstrates how the NetSuite solution cures hairballs with end-to-end, cloud-based integration of core enterprise data and processes. The site includes a number of case studies detailing how moving to the cloud enables companies to disentangle their organisations from the complex, disparate cluster of conventional, on-premise software.

The NetSuite Hairball Campaign also features a contest inviting users to share the details of enterprise software hairballs plaguing their companies. The winners, those with the most severe software hairballs, will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Hairball Awards at the upcoming NetSuite user’s conference, SuiteWorld 2011. For more information about the contest and NetSuite’s solution for enterprise software hairballs, please visit

"The NetSuite Hairball Campaign is a lighthearted way to call attention to a very serious problem — the value-destroying nature of complex and snarled, on-premise software systems, and how NetSuite’s cloud solution offers a clear solution," said NetSuite Chief Marketing Officer David Downing. "We think this campaign will particularly resonate with senior executives across a range of industries who have first-hand experience dealing with the spiraling, runaway costs of managing disparate business applications and systems."

NetSuite Hairball Institute for Business
The cornerstone of this whimsical campaign is the NetSuite Hairball Institute for Business, designed to help address both the diagnosis and cure for this most dangerous enterprise IT epidemic: Software Hairball Syndrome (SHS). Software Hairball Syndrome is caused by the softwareullus hairballeum, a malignant growth that is the inevitable product of companies running multiple siloed enterprise software products creating an unstable, confusing, and ineffective tangle of ad hoc integrations, processes, and systems. As more applications grow, the hairball acts like a parasite, sapping productivity and profits, calcifying data silos, cramping growth and devouring cash flow. Through more than 12 years of research and real-world experience, the NetSuite Hairball Institute for Business offers a cure for SHS. By providing one complete suite of cloud enterprise applications including accounting/ERP, order management, CRM, and Ecommerce capabilities, NetSuite can help fast-growing and midsized companies to permanently dislodge even the mightiest software hairball.

It is important for companies to learn how to spot the warning signals of SHS. If an organisation suffers from repeated data entry, lengthy upgrade cycles, high IT overhead and sluggish processes, it should seek immediate attention and join the growing list of thousands of companies who have revitalised their organisations by removing their software hairballs. MYCOM eliminated a hairball of nine enterprise applications and hundreds of spreadsheets, leading to global cost controls and improved automation. Fresh Produce Group saves $1 million annually now that its hairball has been safely extracted. And Ira Wood & Sons achieved increased profitability and higher customer service after dislodging its twelve-application hairball.

For years, SHS sufferers have been silent victims, afraid to speak out for fear they would be mocked and ostracized by their peers. The NetSuite Hairball Institute for Business wants to put an end to this curtain of silence, and invites all software hairball sufferers to share their stories on the Institute’s website. The most severe case of SHS will receive an all-expenses paid invitation to San Francisco to attend the annual Hairball Awards competition at NetSuite User’s Conference, where former hairball sufferers will offer consolation and guidance. Even through the cloying mess of the darkest, densest hairball, there is hope — and that hope is NetSuite.


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