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NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle delivers benefits of cloud computing to divisions of large enterprises while retaining investment in corporate-level ERP systems

New Software Enables Divisions of Large Oracle Legacy Accounts to Manage Multinational, Multi-Sub Business Operations in Real-Time

SAN MATEO, Calif.—October 14, 2009—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites, today announced a new version of NetSuite OneWorld that lets Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise customers enjoy the cost savings and efficiency benefits of cloud-based business suites at the divisional level while retaining current investments in Oracle applications at the corporate level. With NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite customers can use NetSuite's leading Software as a Service (SaaS) application to manage multinational, multi-subsidiary business operations in real-time and then roll up division-level transaction and summary data to gain a key enterprise-wide view of business operations. For more information about NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle, please visit

This new offering from NetSuite targets a market opportunity that is gaining significant attention in the current economy as large enterprises struggle to control costs and gain greater efficiencies across key business processes. While some companies spend vast sums on corporate implementations of integrated suites like Oracle, these business software systems often have difficulty delivering the functionality and flexibility needed to manage and drive the multiple divisions that make up today's typical large multinational corporations.

In order to compete effectively, these divisions often need software systems that are more malleable, customizable and flexible than what is provided by the corporate parent company. NetSuite OneWorld helps to address this need by delivering a modern, cloud-based software system that enables the management of divisions within complex, multinational corporations and multi-subsidiary companies, with integration to Oracle E-Business Suite at the corporate level via SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle.

"In building a worldwide business, our vision on information is to diminish geographic borders and time," said Ysmael Baysa, CFO, Jollibee Foods Corporation, (, one of Asia's largest fast food chains, operating over 1,800 stores in Asia and North America. "We expect to see the financial information about a store in Shanghai just as fast and complete as one in Manila. By integrating with Oracle financial applications, NetSuite is helping us realize this vision. Going forward, our current plan is to continue supporting our Philippine and corporate operations with Oracle financials, implement NetSuite in all of our foreign operations and establish an efficient interface between these two systems."

"NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle enables large companies to keep their investment in legacy business applications, while deploying a modern, web-based business application suite that reduces costs and helps make their divisions more competitive and employees more productive," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite.

SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle
Key to NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle is a new integration solution called SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle. SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle enables enterprises running NetSuite OneWorld at the divisional level to seamlessly roll up all data to Oracle E-Business Suite at the corporate level. For example, using SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle, a user could roll up general ledger, order and revenue information from NetSuite to Oracle E-Business Suite for aggregate financial reporting purposes.

NetSuite's SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle is based on a number of industry standard technologies used for systems and application integration and data migration, including SOAP-based Web Services, JavaScript, ODBC and CSV. These interfaces are robust and well-suited for integrating NetSuite OneWorld with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, particularly in their support for fundamental ERP data types, including:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Item Fulfillments (Shipments)
  • Journal Entries
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Time Entries and Expense Reports

In addition to SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle, NetSuite Professional Services and a global partner network stand ready to offer expertise in all aspects of Oracle integration. Some key partners include:

  • Pervasive Software –
  • Cast Iron Systems –
  • Boomi –

SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle and integration offerings from NetSuite's partners enable numerous SaaS ERP integration scenarios, including:

  • Accounting integrations with Parent Company Financial Systems
  • Order, Shipment, and Inventory integrations with external Warehouse Management Systems and 3PLs
  • Supply Chain (Purchasing) integrations with Suppliers
  • Invoice integrations with existing Billing Engines
  • Order, Shipment, and Billing integrations between NetSuite's Ecommerce platform and parent ERP systems
  • Product Catalogue and Inventory integrations for PLM and MRP modules

NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle and SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle are the latest triumphs for the developer of the world's most exciting full-spectrum cloud computing business management software. Three of the most successful recent IPOs in the United States were conducted by companies who entrust their business operations to NetSuite: OpenTable, Inc. (NasdaqGM: OPEN), SolarWinds, Inc. (NYSE: SWI), and LogMeIn, Inc. (NasdaqGM: LOGM). Fujitsu Business Systems of Japan recently became a distribution and support partner, expanding the reach of the only fully localized Japanese cloud computing enterprise solution. And NetSuite OneWorld, the leading cloud computing solution for multinational enterprises, has achieved industry certification by influential European accounting trade groups in Germany and the United Kingdom.

These accomplishments have not only strengthened NetSuite's status as a Top Ten financial management systems vendor by revenue (as calculated by Gartner Dataquest), but have validated cloud computing strategies for businesses of all sizes. NetSuite OneWorld for Oracle further extends the power of cloud computing to multinational corporations looking to blend investments in legacy technology with the power and cost-effectiveness of SaaS.


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