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NetSuite unveils the client-aware cloud

NetSuite Ecommerce Platform First to Demonstrate New Intel® Web API

New Development to Personalize Shopper Experience for Better Ecommerce Results

SAN MATEO, Calif. — October 27, 2010 —NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that it is taking advantage of the new Intel® Web API to enhance user experience on NetSuite’s Ecommerce platform to create the client-aware cloud. With client profile data obtained from Intel Web APIs including CPU, battery life, and network connection, the NetSuite Ecommerce platform can be instantly optimised to provide the optimal shopping experience, boosting online revenue and reducing cart abandonment.

This unique convergence of leading-edge cloud computing, targeted user interface designs, and customer intelligence enables online merchants to establish a competitive advantage with optimised user experience site designs and merchandising, perfectly tailored to shoppers' needs as well as the capabilities of their chosen connected device. The client-aware cloud represents the perfect answers to the high expectations of today’s Ecommerce shopper. Websites which take too long to load can result in negative brand perception, and a significant loss in overall sales. According to the August 2009 Forrester Research report "eCommerce Web Site Performance Today," poor site performance leads to shopper dissatisfaction and site abandonment, and slow-rendering websites lead to lost online sales. One-third of shoppers who abandoned a recent shopping session were dissatisfied with a retail site’s performance, and 79 percent of online shoppers who experience a dissatisfying visit are likely to no longer buy from that site.

With the power and comprehensive capabilities of the NetSuite Ecommerce platform, and the new, in-depth metrics made possible by Intel Web API, e-tailers can now create and deliver the optimal shopping experience with multimedia interactivity, without sacrificing performance or delivering sub-optimal experience. Merchants do not need to compromise the design of their site to accommodate the low-end CPU and connectivity; the user experience can now be customised to meet the capabilities of the shoppers' device.

"Connecting NetSuite with Intel Web APIs demonstrates our commitment to help our e-tailers better serve their online customers," said Glenn Griffin, Vice President of Business Development at NetSuite. "NetSuite e-tailers can now enhance their user interfaces and the user experience."

"By incorporating the Intel Web APIs, NetSuite is able to offer a powerful and agile e-commerce solution," said Andy Tryba, director of marketing for Intel Web APIs. "With NetSuite’s new offering e-tailers obtain the enhanced security, scalability and reliability of Intel Web APIs."

Joining NetSuite in the client-aware cloud initiative is Gproxy Design, a leading Interactive Agency specialized in Ecommerce. CLIDES, short for "client device score,” was built by Gproxy using Intel’s Web API service to determine the best user interface for a shopper. This personalized client-aware approach can ultimately drive improved results for merchants and service providers thanks to the crucial data provided by CLIDES. For more information on CLIDES and adoption practices, please visit, and visit for a demo of CLIDES.

"Our CLIDES offering extends the benefits of Intel for NetSuite e-tailers," said Mario Colla, CEO of Gproxy. “The Intel client-aware concept provides a 360 degree view of the cloud. Using the client device capabilities the cloud is empowered. We are proud to be part of this new era of the cloud."

NetSuite’s collaboration with Intel and Gproxy to revolutionize Ecommerce personalization represents another milestone innovation for NetSuite Ecommerce. NetSuite has been positioned in the visionaries quadrant of the "Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce" by Gartner, Inc. NetSuite Ecommerce offers e-tailers one system to run their core ecommerce operations from online marketing, customer service, Web analytics to shopping cart, shipping and inventory management.

Intel’s web APIs allow web developers to create web applications that deliver a richer web experience. The APIs allow web applications to detect end point information including CPU, battery life and network connection. This information is used to optimise application delivery and user experience that may take advantage of better quality web content. These APIs are easily integrated by developers using their existing web development tools.

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