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NetSuite welcomes more than 500 mass defectors from Sage

Cloud ERP Leader Continues to Attract New Wins from Old-World ERP

Sage Customers Turn to NetSuite Cloud for Efficiency, Productivity, Ease of Use

SAN MATEO, Calif — November 17, 2010 —NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that more than 500 companies have switched from Sage’s accounting, CRM, and ERP product lines ranging from Sage Line 50 and Line 500 to Sage MAS 90 and MAS 500, preferring NetSuite’s modern, integrated cloud solutions to the dated inefficiencies of antiquated on-premise software. NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud ERP business suite, frees companies from the seemingly endless treadmill of ongoing and expensive software upgrades typical of products from Sage as well as other legacy, on-premise business computing systems. Switching from Sage systems to NetSuite enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes, and boost productivity and competitiveness. For more information about how companies can transition from Sage to NetSuite cloud solutions, please visit

NetSuite’s integrated solution delivers CRM, ERP, and Ecommerce capabilities with true cross-departmental workflows, eliminating redundant data entry and the costs of managing multiple systems for finance, sales, inventory, and customer support. Sophisticated, deep analytics and at-a-glance dashboards keep executives and strategists informed, while front-line personnel benefit from quick, efficient, and easy-to-use transactional tools. With an architecture built for the fully connected 21st century world, NetSuite can be quickly deployed, configured, and provisioned as business needs change. Software from Sage remains reliant on expensive servers requiring large IT organisations and costly, lengthy upgrade cycles.

"Nothing has changed since NetSuite first entered the enterprise computing business and attracted the first customer away from Sage. NetSuite continues to deliver an innovative, integrated business solution developed on modern Internet computing principles, and Sage continues to develop dozens of disconnected, dead-end, on-premise software products," said James Ramsey, SVP Worldwide Sales and Distribution, NetSuite. "We welcome the more than 500 companies who have switched from Sage to NetSuite."

Some of the companies to recently join the MASS 500 list abandoning Sage in favour of the NetSuite cloud include:

Technologygroup, based in London, provides data management, IT infrastructure design, and application delivery and security services. As the company’s growth accelerated, the disconnected and limited functionality found in Sage TAS Books, TAS Payroll, and Sage Forecasting limited the company’s potential, prompting a move to NetSuite. "We need an integrated system to keep up with our growth and ensure our business processes are slick," said Abbey Robinson, Technologygroup Director. "We just didn't have this with Sage as there was no integration into our CRM or our forecasting and budgeting models."

Envisionware (, based in Duluth, GA, is the leading supplier of self service and library efficiency solutions to more than 10,000 libraries around the world. After tangling with Sage products including MAS 90 and SalesLogix, the company realised that it was suffering under the burden of manually managing seven separate software products, along with a collection of spreadsheets. Switching to NetSuite was the turning point. "Sage was the only reality that we knew, but in 90 days, all of our departments were integrated on one product—NetSuite," said Michael Monk, Envisionware Vice President and Co-Founder. "We're saving $75,000 versus what we spent on software previously, and our two-person IT staff can now focus on customizations and workflows to enhance our efficiency. In addition, we added 2% to our bottom line in the first year of using NetSuite. It’s just awesome!"

Laguna Tools (, based in Irvine, CA, manufactures and sells fine woodworking tools and equipment. Switching from Sage MAS 90, SalesLogix, e-mail and paper-based processes to NetSuite eliminated the cost of server overhead and cut IT spending in half.  "NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable, and it has given us the ability to grow with fewer limitations. My competitors are scrambling to catch up with us now," said Catherine Helshoj, VP and Owner at Laguna Tools. "NetSuite has helped us in this economy: we move orders out faster, communication with our customers is better and in a documented and efficient method, and we're able to cut our costs significantly. NetSuite saves money, saves time and helps the bottom line!"

Lightspeed Technologies (, based in Tualatin, OR, is the trusted provider of classroom audio technology. The educational audio solution provider based its business on a fragmented collection of Sage Peachtree, FileMaker databases, and Excel spreadsheets, resulting in inefficiencies and performance lags. "NetSuite gives us a single view of the customer, rather than having customer data all over the place," said Carl Cox, VP of Operations and CFO at Lightspeed Technologies. "We have strengthened customer support and customer relations, and we've been able to speed up order processing while improving system availability at the same time."

Palo Alto Software (, based in Eugene, OR, offers planning and software solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. “Before using NetSuite, we were running 4 separate systems, which included Sage MAS90 for our US operations and Quickbooks for our United Kingdom operations. This proved to be inefficient and we were limited in our reporting, tracking and decision-making capabilities,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO at Palo Alto Software. “Now that we're running our business in NetSuite OneWorld; our sales and accounting staff are 100% more productive thanks to easy access to information, and we are 50% more efficient in our executive decision-making and planning because of multinational data integration, dashboard metrics and real-time visibility.”

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