Online Marketing For Ecommerce

Targeted Marketing and Promotions

SuiteCommerce has built-in, online marketing capability that will enable you to drive new traffic to your site, convert that traffic to revenue, close abandoned shopping carts and develop robust relationships with existing customers. Leverage the single customer view to create 1:1 offers and instant promotions, target segmented groups for repeat business and grow average sale size.

Key Benefits

  • Build rich customer profiles based on cross-channel behaviours and transactions—online, in-store and on the phone—that can be made available to sales, marketing and support personnel.
  • Quantify customer lifetime value by running all transactions through your commerce system.
  • Segment customers to drive personalised offers and merchandising through on-site recommendations and email marketing.
  • Improve marketing ROI with real-time visibility into campaign performance and costs across all channels.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Potential clients must be able to find your store in online search results. With NetSuite ecommerce marketing platform, gain high rankings in search engines for both static HTML and dynamically generated web pages. Develop search-engine-friendly pages with customisable title, meta and image-alt tags and use short search engine friendly descriptive URLs for dynamic pages. Preserve your current search rankings by creating permanent (301) redirects.

Personalised Marketing & Promotions

With one unified customer database, segment customers to deliver personalised campaigns, merchandising and promotions built on behaviour, demographics, purchases and more. Discover who abandoned a shopping cart and its contents, then follow up with an email with a promotional discount for the items abandoned.

Increase Cross-Sell & Upsell Revenue

Display automatic cross-sell and upsell recommendations built on what other customers have purchased. Use simple built-in report query tools to target customers by their previous purchase histories, marketing activities, demographics, or other segmentation.


Email Marketing

Manage the end-to-end mass email process in one system, including database building and management, target segment list creation, development and hosting of HTML and text-only creative and registration forms, campaign execution and campaign performance analysis. Continuously optimise performance by measuring your campaign effectiveness in real time across the entire funnel.

Paid Search

Accurately track and manage your paid search marketing campaigns down to the keyword and search engine. Perform closed-loop analysis of leads driven by individual paid search terms, from the time they turn into a lead all the way through actual purchase, and report downstream transactions such as upsell and returns from those leads.

Marketing Analytics

Track the results of all your marketing programmes—by programme type, lead source and promotions—in real time. Improve your marketing ROI by pinpointing how much revenue you receive from each lead source/referrer and keyword advertisement.


Convert more visitors to sales by offering coupons and vouchers, and track their effectiveness and ROI. Create coupons based on a value or percentage discount, or free shipping. Restrict items to which the coupons apply and set minimum order amounts.

Social Media

Maximise the impact of social media outlets and increase engagement by allowing shoppers to share on popular social media networks.