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Order Management

Flexible, Flawless Fulfilment

In today’s commerce environment, order fulfilment excellence differentiates your organisation, creating loyal customers who buy more and become brand advocates. NetSuite Order Management offers the capabilities to meet and exceed growing customer expectations for omnichannel fulfilment while increasing profitability and allowing you to effectively scale your organisation. As a native piece of the SuiteCommerce platform, NetSuite Order Management easily combines your commerce system with order management and ERP/financials. It delivers the best omnichannel customer experience – enabling shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere and return anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver consistent, efficient order management across multiple channels and fulfilment types throughout the order lifecycle.
  • Grow revenue and customer lifetime value with cross-channel inventory and order management, flexible order fulfilment options and ongoing/auto-ship programmes.
  • Increase profitability by managing inventory and orders more effectively with global inventory real-time visibility and configurable, automated distributed order management processes.
  • Ensure seamless cross-channel interactions with a 360 degree view of customer profiles and orders, and total visibility to inventory availability across all channels.
  • Empower employees to assist customers across all touch points with employee user experiences designed for omnichannel customer engagement.
  • Decrease costs to integrate, maintain and change your order management processes with an end-to-end SaaS suite that is designed to work together.

Omnichannel Excellence

NetSuite Order Management delivers one source of truth across multiple channels for inventory, pricing, order, payment and returns processes. Whether you’re using NetSuite’s ecommerce, customer service and POS user experiences—or integrating another channel experience using NetSuite API—customers and employees will get consistent answers and a seamless experience regardless of the channel.

Secure, Integrated, Certified

Deploying and maintaining an on-premise order management system can be a time consuming and expensive process. . NetSuite’s SaaS order management solution gets you up and running quickly and smoothly. Leverage NetSuite’s order management processes as a jump-start or extend them to meet your individual requirements. Use other parts of the suite to reduce integration costs, or utilise NetSuite’s APIs to integrate with third-party systems. NetSuite offers integrations to payment gateways and shipping providers and is PCI certified. Plus, NetSuite manages the operations and upgrades of your order management system.

Flexible, Flawless Fulfilment

Customers expect the ability to buy, fulfil or return anywhere. NetSuite lets you profitably execute on various fulfilment options, such as direct ship from warehouse, store fulfilment, drop ship and continuity/subscription programmes. Omnichannel inventory visibility, distributed order orchestration, and order lifecycle dashboards and monitoring allow you to deliver the perfect order every time.

Business Intelligence

Better manage your organisation with exception management and insightful analytics that show you where you’re doing well, what you need to pay attention to and where potential areas for improvement may reside. With exception queues, dashboards and reports, you have the tools you need to monitor and scale your fulfilment operations. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help measure metrics across all channels, such as inventory turns, sell-through percentage, days of supply, stock-to-sales ratio and gross margin return on investment.


Inventory Visibility

A true omnichannel commerce platform should provide real-time inventory visibility across all internal and external sources of supply. NetSuite Order Management offers a single source of truth for inventory, spanning warehouses, stores, 3PLs and drop-ship locations. It manages commitments and available-to-promise (ATP) inventory across multiple channels, integrating commerce to your supply chain, ensuring that you promise accurately. Suddenly, you’ll be able to increase inventory management across all locations using its strong inventory planning, replenishment and warehouse management capabilities.

Order Orchestration

NetSuite Order Management automates and controls the end-to-end order lifecycle to ensure that you fulfil your commitments, including: order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, customer communications and settlement. It even supports a range of complex processes such as split shipments, drop ship, personalised products, continuity programmes and digital fulfilment. By coordinating all of your fulfilment locations and providers, NetSuite Order Management keeps distributed order management moving effortlessly and quickly. When fulfilment issues happen, you can easily resolve them and get back on track.

Fulfilment Execution

NetSuite's warehouse management capabilities encompass internal and external fulfilment providers. Leverage its advanced pick, pack and ship functionality and integration with key shipping providers to provide fulfilment excellence to locations of all sizes. Even orders with personalisation or assemble/make-to-order requirements are effortlessly managed. And, it supports digital fulfilment processes, which can be linked to the service providers of your choice.

Drop Ship / Endless Aisle

Realising the dream of the endless aisle takes more than just creating a catalogue. An automated end-to-end, drop-ship fulfilment process offers the capabilities to expand your assortment without expanding warehouse and store footprints. NetSuite Order Management provides all of the functionality you require to efficiently manage drop-ship programmes, including:

  • Order capture and validation.
  • Communication of the drop-ship order to the supplier.
  • Receipt of supplier acknowledgement and shipping confirmations.
  • Seamless communications back to the customer.
  • Settlement with the supplier.

Payment Processing

As the number of payment options continues to increase, customers expect the flexibility to pay how they want. NetSuite Order Management supports a variety of payment options. With NetSuite’s powerful, integrated offering you can manage the process from authorisation through settlement with great flexibility. Offer multiple payment options with highly secure authorisation and collection, backed by NetSuite ERP/financials, to ensure accurate accounting and controls.

Returns & Exchanges

The ability to support cross-channel returns is a must have feauture in today’s competitive environment. With return and exchange capabilities, NetSuite Order Management extends the seamless omnichannel experience to returns. Set returns process rules, accept returns from multiple channels, fulfil exchanges and manage the credit and dispositioning process. NetSuite reduces points of failure found in separate systems, ensuring that returns are managed accurately, that saleable items make it back into ATP inventory without delay and that any potential quality issues or fraud are immediately detected and fixed.

Customer Service

Customers are frustrated by employees who can’t help them. To ensure a seamless omnichannel experience, customer service representatives (CSRs) and store associates must be empowered with order management capabilities tailored specifically for their job tasks. NetSuite Order Management offers a customer service experience that allows your staff to engage with customers to help them inquire about specific product availability, place orders and manage post-order changes and issues.