Centrally manage, control and update pricing and promotions

What Is NetSuite Pricing Management?

NetSuite pricing management allows you to centrally manage, control and update pricing to maximise profits. With a single system to define and maintain multiple pricing strategies, you’re able to manage pricing for all customers in one place. NetSuite’s promotion engine enables merchants to maximise profits and build customer loyalty with personalised promotional offers.

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Personalised Promotions

Create special offers to motivate your customers to purchase products. Promotions help sell slow-moving stock, increase sales and reward valuable customers.

Multiple Pricing Strategies

Establish multiple pricing levels and customer- and currency-specific pricing to ensure your customers are charged the correct amount.

Screenshot of NetSuite dashboard showing multiple pricing feature.

We run everything through NetSuite—from custom ordering portals, to manufacturing, freight, and automated analysis and monitoring—so we always have a complete view into our business.

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NetSuite Pricing Management Benefits

  • Accurate Pricing. Centrally manage pricing ensures consistent pricing across all channels.
  • Increase Sales. Encourage customers to try new products and buy more items through targeted promotional offers.
  • Sell Slow-Moving Stock. Offer discounts and promotions to help move excess stock before it expires or becomes obsolete inventory.

NetSuite Pricing Management Features

By setting up multiple price levels with customer- and currency-specific pricing, dollar and percentage discounts, promotion codes and transaction-level gross profit analysis, businesses can take greater control of their pricing and promotional strategy and increase profits.

Omnichannel Pricing Management

Centrally define and manage pricing to ensure consistency and accuracy across all channels. With NetSuite ecommerce you can be sure that your customers always see the right price, with any updates reflected in real time.

NetSuite Dashboard. Screenshot.

Multiple Price Levels and Currencies

Easily create and maintain multiple pricing tiers with quantity breaks defined at the item level. Each pricing tier can default to a discount or markup to the base price, and employees have the ability to override it as necessary. If you sell globally, you can define the prices in each relevant currency for complete control of your international pricing strategy.

NetSuite Dashboard. Screenshot.

Pricing Updates

When you need to make changes to your pricing structure, NetSuite's easy-to-use tools identify items that need to be repriced. Users can apply percentage or dollar increases/decreases, establish rounding rules and preview any changes before applying them.

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With SuitePromotions, target specific customers, locations, channels and time periods with personalised promotion. Create promotions that apply to all sales channels — stores, online, phone and B2B orders. Apply multiple promotions to a single order, controlling which promotions can be stacked and which to keep exclusive. In addition, best offer logic and auto-apply intelligence ensure that shoppers get the best available offer and buying experience. SuitePromotions will choose which promotion(s) the transaction is eligible for and apply them automatically. Saved searches and reports allow you to quickly and easily audit promotions as needed.

NetSuite Dashboard. Screenshot.

Promotions Management

The NetSuite Rebate and Trade Promotions SuiteApp simplifies the management and execution of manufacturer rebates and trade promotions, saving time and increasing efficiency by centralising and automating the creation, execution, accrual and reconciliation of vendor and customer rebate programs.

Promotions Management Screenshot.

Challenges NetSuite Pricing Management Solves

  • Inconsistent Pricing Across Channels. A central place to update pricing ensures consistent pricing across all channels while preventing errors.
  • Promotional Profitability. Ensure orders maintain an acceptable profit margin as promotions are applied.
  • Tedious Pricing Updates. Managing pricing in one place allows prices to quickly be updated across all channels.

How Much Does NetSuite Pricing Management Cost?

Business of every size, from pre-revenue startups to small and mid-size business have made the move to NetSuite. Looking for a better way to run your business but wondering about the cost?

Users subscribe to NetSuite for an annual licence fee. Your licence is made up of three main components: core platform, optional modules and the number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for the initial set up. As your business grows, you can easily activate new modules and add users — that’s the beauty of cloud software.

Order management capabilities are included with the NetSuite platform licence. Additional functionality for more complex order management needs is also available.

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