Cloud supply chain collaboration platform for a quick and effortless collaboration with your supply chain partners

Being built in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device with a browser and internet access is vital to modern businesses who manage supply chains of any size and complexity. NetSuite’s collaboration platform begins with automatic and instantaneous communication options via email, continues through the ability to provide portal access to your supply chain partners to view / update order or product information and can mature to integrated system communication through web service or RESTlet APIs. Many customer build their own collaboration system on top of the NetSuite platform to fit their specific requirements.


Anytime Anywhere Access

Being deployed 100% in the cloud and accessible through any browser, on any device is the foundation for NetSuite’s supply chain platform. Modern, global businesses need the ability to quickly and easily establish, run and wind down businesses, warehouses and contract manufacturers in any country / geography. And when it comes to security, you have complete control over what every user sees and when they see it.

Key Capabilities:
  • Quickly grant / deny access
  • Global Availability
  • Device and browser agnostic

Pre-Defined Portals

NetSuite comes out-of-the-box with pre-configured and easy-to-use customer, vendor and customer portals that can be activated as required. Once enabled, the user only sees the information that is relevant to them and provides a quick and easy way for communication. NetSuite also offers the option of deploying a tablet / hmi interface to gather production information from your cm’s facilities.

Key Capabilities
  • No additional cost
  • Traditional NetSuite ease of use
  • Real-time collaboration


Depending on the volume and type of information you are wanting to track, it may be necessary to create custom integrations directly between NetSuite and your supply chain partner’s systems. Should this be required you have plenty of options using our SuiteCloud platform, SuiteFlow workflows, SuiteTalk web services and RESTlet framework. Additionally, we have many integration partners you can work with depending on your level of technical expertise.

Key Capabilities
  • Real-time integrations to other systems
  • SuiteTalk Web Services
  • RESTlet framework

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