Partner Support A SuiteLife Component

Providing post-enablement, implementation assistance to our Solution Providers and Alliance Partners

As a NetSuite Partner, ensuring your customers have the right solution they need to run their business is essential. Whether you encounter complex issues during NetSuite implementations or simply have general questions, NetSuite has you covered.

From 24x7 break/fix services to handle unexpected behaviors in your production instance, to answering advanced product questions and advisement on architectural solutions and scalability related to customer implementations, NetSuite’s Support program provides you with the assistance you need, when you need it.

Premium Support provides you with 24x7 coverage for any critical issues related to your production instance. Your production instance also gives you access to SuiteAnswers, NetSuite’s comprehensive online library of technical documentation, solutions and user guides. Click here for more information on Premium Support.

NetSuite Advanced Partner Support (APS) provides functional and technical assistance for your customer implementations. APS ensures your teams are fully supported, implementations are delivered successfully, and your customers satisfied. With APS, partners receive implementation assistance such as platform integration and delivery support, performance services, ecommerce and Point of Sale services, data conversion planning, and release assistance.

Enterprise Partner Support (EPS) is NetSuite’s most comprehensive partner support program, essential for those partners tackling enterprise-level implementations. With EPS, partners receive the proactive technical support and assistance they need to handle complex, large-scale implementations. From solution and architecture design to scalability assessments and customisation reviews, EPS delivers a proactive engagement to ensure the successful delivery of the most extensive and complex implementations.

With APS and EPS, the partner receives an assigned Engagement Manager to manage and facilitate all of their requests.

Telephone and Case Submission

We make it easy for you to contact us. By telephone or case submission, NetSuite’s Premium Support provides 24x7 access to technical resources for assistance with your production instance.

Partner Support
Support Services Premium Advanced Enterprise
24x7 assistance with critical issues, outages and unexpected behaviors X
User Group access and assistance X
Online case submission X
Telephone case submission X X X
Advice and assistance with usage and configuration X X
Leading practices for SuiteScript and SuiteCloud development X X
Product expertise and guidance X X
Data conversion strategy X X
Performance assistance X X
Release guidance and awareness X X
Unlimited authorised users X X
Named Engagement Manager X X
Release content and advisement X
Enterprise-level scalability and capacity review X
Enterprise-level load testing and performance assessments X
Enterprise-level solution and architecture design review X

*You can also utilise Premium Support during a customer implementation as an authorised caller on behalf of your customer, assuming the customer has Premium Support.

Educational Resource

Advanced Partner Support
Data Sheet Advanced Partner Support