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Furniture start-up MYCS relies on Oracle NetSuite for expanding business abroad

Berlin-based Start-up MYCS has been Using NetSuite from the Start to Grow Internationally

MUNICH, GERMANY—January 23, 2019—MYCS, a Berlin-based start-up for customisable furniture, has quickly and easily expanded its business to France, Switzerland and the UK. Oracle NetSuite has enabled MYCS to take advantage of the cloud to gain a single view into key business metrics across its entire operations, streamline business processes and rapidly set up local operations in new markets.

Established in 2014, MYCS provides a 3D online configurator that allows customers to adapt the size, material, colour and features of a piece of furniture to their own ideas. To support strong demand and ensure the best possible customer experience, MYCS wanted a cloud-based IT system that could automate manual tasks, help it manage complex sales and warehouse processes and scale to support its international expansion. After careful evaluation of different IT systems, MYCS selected NetSuite.

“We wanted professional process management that could scale and grow the business and facilitate expansion into other countries,” explained Nico Gronwald, Operations Manager & ERP Product Owner, MYCS. “NetSuite provides us with the means to control processes remotely. I am master of my own system. Even for users without any IT knowledge, NetSuite offers simple administration.”

With NetSuite, MYCS has been able to take advantage of localised solutions, ranging from country-specific reporting and audits to the automatic adjustment of currencies and the adaptation of regional tax regulations, to quickly and easily expand into new countries. In addition, by taking advantage of a cloud ERP solution, MYCS has had the flexibility to easily relocate warehouse operations and adapt its product portfolio to local requirements. In the long term, MYCS has further plans to expand into other European countries.

“In recent years, MYCS has grown and expanded strongly, but right from the start, it was looking for a cloud-based solution that offered a high degree of automation and simple administration,” said Hartmut Hamann, Sales Director, Oracle NetSuite, Germany. “By building and scaling its business on one platform, MYCS has been able to reduce IT complexity, drive efficiencies across its business and ensure a smooth customer experience. We are pleased that MYCS continues to rely on NetSuite as it continues to grow and expand internationally.”

About MYCS
MYCS, founded in 2014, is a Berlin-based start-up for customisable furniture, via a website, customers can use a 3D online configurator to adapt the size, material, colour and equipment of a piece of furniture to their own ideas. During the last years, the company has grown strongly and has now branch offices in France, Switzerland and UK. For more information, please visit

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