NetSuite Partner Enablement

NetSuite’s partner enablement training program is designed to prepare professionals like you to position, showcase and deploy the full NetSuite product range. The training is modeled and used by enablement teams that train NetSuite employees. The learning paths cover Products, Technical, Industry and Skills. There are also certification opportunities for Administrative capabilities and Technical extensions that will help you advance your career, add value to your organisation and foster your customer’s success. The training program uses a role-based model where individuals can choose to focus on training for: marketing and selling NetSuite; pre-sales demonstration of NetSuite; and consultative delivery of NetSuite. All of these trainings are designed to empower professionals and drive client results.

For professionals who are new to NetSuite, the first stage of the learning journey is the SuiteLife onboarding class series, which provides the key foundational layer of company, product, positioning and deployment. The onboarding is a crucial experience as it sets up the framework for all subsequent training. Professionals will then take sequential or concurrent follow-on training based on role, experience and interest. The class schedule and details can be found here.

Products Training

As a NetSuite partner, you will find that ongoing training allows you to “unlock the Suite” and expand your business acumen with additional NetSuite modules, such as Warehouse Management System (WMS), SuitePeople, SuiteBilling, Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) and more.

In addition, you will be trained on new versions and new features within NetSuite as they become available. NetSuite has a wide portfolio of products within its ERP solution that create a powerful suite of business applications. As customers expanding their use of the products, it drives more value. Check out the Products Training document for more details.

Industry Training

NetSuite’s industry training package mirrors the company’s decades of experience in developing an industry-specific customer approach. Data has shown our team that knowing an industry and its challenges will lead to a more efficient and effective engagement and return on investment. Industry Training materials include NetSuite’s point of view on the key selling criteria and analysis of competitors by industry. Training is provided on-demand via NetSuite’s online Learning Cloud Support (LCS) offering.

Skills Training

NetSuite is invested in helping partners grow their professional skills to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. The continual learning and reinforcement model intersperses skills to build broad strength in the practice. Skills training includes negotiation, effective presentations, demonstration of best practices, active listening and more. These courses are available in select regions and will be publicised for partner consumption.

Technical Training

NetSuite’s cloud ERP is a sophisticated and powerful platform. For professionals that are interested in extending or building on the platform, NetSuite offers a series of Technical Training classes and materials that will unlock the power of the technology resident in the suite. Technical learning paths, as outlined in the course catalogue, may include certification steps.


Certification for your practice and your own career is important. NetSuite’s certification team uses a series of classes and third-party testing facilities to certify product acumen in a series of areas. Certification fits into the learning journey of many partner professionals as they grow their expertise. For more details, please review the Certification curriculums in the training pages.


NetSuite’s growth is dependent on your learning and career success. Your NetSuite Partner Manager is your guide to help you and your team grow as you onboard new individuals, capabilities and skills.