The Experience is an outcome of our whole company being focused on you.

The principles of UX define the NetSuite employee mindset and motivate our activities across every department to propel the Experience. The Experience involves empathy and communication from every team and every customer. In turn, our products, designs and interfaces evolve to inspire user efficiency and productivity.

This mindset has massive benefits for our customers including:

  • Higher quality work
  • More satisfied employees/customers and less turnover
  • Reduced training and recruiting costs
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increased sales

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Role-Based Authentication

NetSuite’s authentication system delights both security teams and NetSuite users.

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User Interface

NetSuite’s industry leading UI celebrates users and makes work fun again.

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User Customised Dashboards

NetSuite’s patent-pending real-time customisable dashboard technology gives custom instrumentation to workers.

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NetSuite’s responsive design brings extensive mobility to users while our mobile app extends management tasks far beyond the desktop.

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Document Management

NetSuite’s enterprise wide virtual file cabinet makes sharing and linking your important business documents easy.

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