SuiteApp Development Decoupled from Your NetSuite Account and Coupled to Mature SDLC Processes

SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is a next-generation integrated development environment and a major advancement included in the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform. SDF supports the complete software development lifecycle including source code control, peer code reviews, team development and integrated debugging, coupled with sophisticated SuiteCloud deployment technologies.

SDF creates seamless team collaboration and a developer experience unrivalled in the cloud. Developers enjoy features, controls and processes previously associated with leading on-premise, standalone development environments—but now on the flexible and powerful SuiteCloud Platform.

Key Benefits

  • Foundation for a world-class development process
  • Enables team development though integration with common source control systems
  • Everything is code, managed in SuiteCloud IDE where SDF features are accessed
  • XML definition of all custom objects allows for uncoupled development
  • Import current custom objects into projects to increase control and process in SuiteCloud development
  • Complete code validation of projects without need to deploy first
  • Deploy directly to target account (no SuiteBundler required for admins)
  • More robust developer experience including dependency management, better logs and audit trails and on-demand validation against target accounts

For developers, cloud development is now more robust, faster and enjoyable, using processes that have been well established in the on-premise world. For CIOs, cloud development is now more compliant, tightly managed, and easier to test and has higher initial quality—driving cost out of projects. For customers and ISVs alike, this new paradigm of cloud development increases the business advantages of the SuiteCloud platform.


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