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Transform Your BPO Practice with NetSuite

NetSuite offers your BPO/BPaaS practice transformational capabilities for greater cost-effectiveness and client service. Just like NetSuite end-customers, our BPO partners can reduce costs, improve efficiency and visibility, and speed time to value with a single platform that scales from small clients to global enterprises.

Key Benefits:

  • Manage and support clients of any size, from small businesses to multinational corporations, with NetSuite's integrated and scalable solution.
  • Improve financial visibility with native on-demand reporting and analytics on real-time data, as well as specialised capabilities such as revenue recognition that typically have to be bolted on to other solutions.
  • Expand service offerings to include inventory, project management, ecommerce, CRM and more on one end-to-end business platform.
  • Customise NetSuite to individual client requirements with the SuiteCloud Development Platform and integrate with client on-premise or cloud systems through the SuiteTalk web services API.
  • Use SuiteFlow to build sophisticated workflows for internal users, or workflows that accommodate client approvals or other inputs, to maximise efficiency and process coordination.
  • Design and implement custom configurations for dozens or hundreds of clients simultaneously with SuiteBundler, improving operational efficiency and avoiding “version lock.”
  • Improve peace of mind for clients and your BPO/BPaaS practice with NetSuite's secure, enterprise-class infrastructure, featuring dual data centers and multiple layers of redundancy, disaster tolerance, failover and high availability.
  • Enrich and extend your NetSuite environment with process- and industry-specific applications from SuiteCloud Developer Network partners.

For more information on taking advantage of the NetSuite BPO Partner Program, email bpo@netsuite.com.