End User


NetSuite's SuiteCloud Platform allows end users to easily personalise their NetSuite experience through simple point-and-click navigation. This allows users to configure their NetSuite experience so that they have all the information they need in order to carry out their tasks more effectively or solve one off problems. NetSuite provides the tools, reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to unlock your data, allowing you to diagnose issues on the fly and drill down to customer, employee or transactional details to quickly act and drive business performance with informed decisions—all without needing programming or technical skills.

NetSuite delivers personalised insights by deploying role-based customisable dashboards tailored to each business user’s need, providing a real-time view into company performance across finance, sales, marketing, inventory, service and fulfilment. Users can also personalise the dashboard by selecting content from the repository, then simply dragging and dropping the measures that are important to your role for optimised layout. Users can easily create reports by adding new fields, grouping levels and custom formulas with NetSuite’s powerful report builder. NetSuite’s saved search functionality enables you to access information such as top-selling products, the number of support cases in your queue or customers who have overdue invoices. You can export results to a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel or CSV. All of these are available on any device, any time, anywhere.

Business Analyst


As a Business Analyst, you can customise NetSuite application forms, fields and records—a simple point-and-click experience. SuiteBuilder makes it easy to rapidly represent sophisticated data relationships without any coding and change NetSuite to your company's own terminology and branding. SuiteBuilder's powerful field and record management makes it simple to add unlimited custom fields such as text, date, drop-down lists or images and objects to applications. With the ability to customise form fields, sub-tabs and field groupings, it's efficient to configure the right form for your business needs.

Business Analysts can graphically create workflows that automate, streamline and improve common business processes across finance, marketing, sales and service. The visual business process designer, called SuiteFlow, allows business users to design, implement and deploy workflows in an environment that lets them visualise every decision, touchpoint and outcome.



NetSuite offers developers a powerful solution by providing the tools to choose the appropriate amount of rigour for their business development needs. SuiteCloud Developer Tools provide a comprehensive cloud customisation environment, whether you're extending NetSuite to fit your business needs or developing completely new applications. SuiteCloud Developer Tools include workflow management, scripting, analytics, web services and more.

NetSuite allows developers to create flexible business logic tailored to specific business needs—from sophisticated business processes to entirely new applications. Built on industry-standard JavaScript that ensures portability and rapid developer productivity, SuiteScript enables full-featured application-level scripting capabilities throughout NetSuite. In addition, SuiteScript provides a web-based interactive debugger that allows validation and testing of SuiteScript code, providing a powerful debugging toolset with controlled code execution such as step in, out and over, as well as execution logs, resolution of local variables, watches and break points.

Developers can leverage NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), a next-generation integrated development environment, to build mission-critical applications and integrations on the flexible and powerful SuiteCloud Platform. SDF supports the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including source code control, peer code reviews, team development and integrated debugging, coupled with sophisticated SuiteCloud deployment technologies. The SuiteCloud Platform creates seamless team collaboration and a developer experience unrivalled in the cloud. Developers have access to development and sandbox accounts in which they can develop and test new applications and customisations without worrying about affecting their production account.



NetSuite brings the power of the SuiteCloud Platform to ISVs worldwide through the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), NetSuite's dedicated developer program. NetSuite's always-on enterprise architecture adds to the ISV's vertical expertise, enabling them to create new business applications quickly and bring them to market through a proven channel.

Being part of the SDN means having access to the gold standard in enterprise cloud development. The SuiteCloud toolset is fully integrated with the NetSuite solution. SDN offers a point-and-click IDE, workflow management, a comprehensive toolset and extensive objects. NetSuite’s web services API provides complete access to all data records, including unlimited custom fields and custom records. SuiteFlow action scripts can call other third-party SuiteApps, making partner modules more valuable to customers and more integrated with the overall NetSuite experience. NetSuite offers pre-built connectors to major cloud and on-premise business applications which lets partners focus on core specialties and speeds time to market.

NetSuite provides sales and marketing assistance through the SuiteApp.com portal. Once you package your SuiteApp for distribution, our joint customers can browse for add-on capabilities by vertical or by business need, and adoption for most SuiteApps is a simple point-and-click process for NetSuite administrative users.

NetSuite’s “Built for NetSuite” initiative ensures that SDN Partner solutions meet the same level of standards for security, data privacy and overall quality as the solutions offered by NetSuite.



As a NetSuite Administrator, you ensure a smooth running of the system as well as being a part of larger NetSuite projects. This is a powerful role and should only be given to those who require full NetSuite functionality for their job. A NetSuite Administrator oversees the initial implementation of the NetSuite application and manages the ongoing administration of the NetSuite application.

NetSuite provides all the tools required to ensure that administrators are successful in their roles. Examples include: readily customisable dashboard analytics to track audit trail, modifications, alerts and exceptions; point-and-click configuration to control access, authentication and authorisation; the ability to decide which features you want to make available to those using enablement settings; support for business users and managers by providing access to the data and information they need; and a whole lot more.