Manufacturer Stays Lean Amid Growth by Consolidating on NetSuite

Air Oasis is passionate about helping customers breathe easy. Since 2004, the Texas-based manufacturer has provided high-quality air purifiers to battle life’s little problems, including dust, allergens, and viruses. Its purifiers are increasingly in demand as health-conscious families and businesses embrace air filtration. Air Oasis navigates this fast growth while providing customers the utmost care and attention.


Air Oasis


Amarillo, Texas




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$7-10 million

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“Going with NetSuite was one of the biggest lean moves we made. We no longer have to focus on managing our software and can instead focus on the growth of the business.” Jon Bennert, CEO, Air Oasis

Healthy Air, Healthy Growth

Stepping up to serve customers
Air Oasis switched to a D2C model shortly before the pandemic and regional wildfires caused consumers to more deeply consider indoor air quality in 2020. The company saw a 300% uptick in sales that year and has held on to half of that growth since.
Inefficient systems threaten growth
When demand surged, Air Oasis struggled to maintain a patchwork of systems for accounting, inventory, HR, and more. The most inefficient was its on-premises QuickBooks Enterprise system, which didn’t natively integrate with others and had a single-user mode that forced Air Oasis to pause business when importing data. These issues made processes clunky: For example, running payroll required exporting employee hours from a timekeeping system into a payroll system, then importing data into QuickBooks—and halting other work during the import.
Simplifying for company health
Air Oasis turned to NetSuite ERP for a solution on which to consolidate its business that easily ties into other platforms like Shopify and customer service phone and live-chat systems. HR functions are centralised on NetSuite SuitePeople(opens in new tab), and employee-built customisations include a point system to reward timely clock-ins. And NetSuite Connector exports orders from Shopify into NetSuite Order Management for fulfillment. Then, it exports shipping data back to Shopify, and customers receive emails with tracking information.
Giving back and maximising the system
Leaders use customised NetSuite dashboards to track metrics like customer satisfaction, which has dramatically improved with more accurate inventory counts and quicker shipping. Air Oasis uses NetSuite to maintain its lean business model: It hasn’t needed to hire employees after typical attrition over the past few years. And even with the increase in business, the production crew finds time to volunteer weekly in the community. Back at the office, employees continue enthusiastically devising new ways to make Air Oasis more efficient with NetSuite.

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