Doctor Anywhere Expands Across Southeast Asia With NetSuite OneWorld

Doctor Anywhere is a regional healthtech company based in Singapore, serving approximately 2.5 million customers across Southeast Asia. As a pioneer in telemedicine, Doctor Anywhere aims to use technology to make healthcare more accessible for patients and more efficient for providers to deliver. The business has continuously expanded its offerings and now provides online and in-person services including health screenings and vaccinations, both B2C and B2B via corporate wellness partnerships.


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“Having a clear overview of financials — and representing that data to external stakeholders — is very important. With NetSuite, we can easily consolidate across different markets and businesses, which grants us agility and confidence to propel our growth.” Edwin Basuki, CFO, Doctor Anywhere

Scaling With a Dose of Efficiency

Healthtech innovator diagnoses new demand
In just five years, Doctor Anywhere has grown to more than 600 employees across six countries. In addition to telemedicine services, the company has built a network of brick-and-mortar clinics and pharmacies, as well as an online marketplace for health and wellness products and services like supplements, healthy snacks, and home-based checkups.
Expansion demands ERP
Doctor Anywhere's previous business management software lacked the capabilities needed to support its expansion. For example, as the company opened more clinics, a lack of integrated inventory management made it increasingly challenging to handle inventory and associated costs using just spreadsheets and guesswork — resulting in both stockouts and overstocks. While planning expansion into new markets, leaders recognised the need for a complete ERP solution.
Full-featured system is the cure
Doctor Anywhere deployed NetSuite OneWorld, an ERP system for global businesses, two years ago. It has since expanded into Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines and realised significant year-on-year growth. The finance team uses NetSuite to easily manage subsidiaries across countries with automatic consolidation and currency conversions. NetSuite Inventory Management helps Doctor Anywhere track 1,500 SKUs and ensure its clinics and pharmacies have what they need to serve patients.
A healthy outlook
Doctor Anywhere has raised a total of almost $140 million, using the easy data access and robust reporting in NetSuite to build strong investor relationships. In fact, its Series C was one of the largest private funding rounds ever for a Southeast Asian healthtech company. Now, leadership plans to further expand its technology teams and increase both B2C and B2B customer counts in each market, confident that NetSuite will scale with the business for long-term growth.

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