Earth-Kind Gets Lean, Mean and Green with NetSuite





Bismarck, N.D.



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, Oasis, ShipRush, ProStores


NetSuite Site Builder

“In today's age, you have to be nimble and agile. It's really important for a fast-growth business to quickly adapt and fulfill customers' needs. NetSuite's really the best program out there.” Earth-Kind

Customer Success

  • The rapidly growing manufacturer of the first all-natural rodent repellent certified by the FDA for indoor use is able to provide on-time, same-day shipping more quickly and easily without multiple data entry points.
  • Reduction in order entry time of at least 85 percent.
  • Rapid growth, scaling at 40 percent for the past six years, serving 20,000 retailer locations, including large retail chains like Ace Hardware, John Deere and Tractor Supply with drop ship capabilities to multiple retailers, including 4,500 Ace Hardware stores alone.
  • ROI on NetSuite realized in less than a year due to savings on personnel time rekeying data entry.
  • Customer and order information is tracked across B2B, B2C and multiple retail channels with unique specifications for each.
  • Improved invoice accuracy helped achieve "A" grades from large retailer customers, helping to improve shelf space and terms.
  • Easy-to-use system won widespread adoption at the manufacturing plant and reduced training time.
  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to ability to email customers and communicate order status.
  • NetSuite’s cloud-based anywhere, anytime access provides flexibility for a remote workforce.


  • "Swivel-chair" order entry system left employees repeatedly entering the same data into multiple systems, introducing errors and creating a drain on personnel.
  • Complexity of multiple systems made staff training and visibility across systems difficult.
  • Previous solution couldn't scale to accommodate growing transaction volumes.
  • Major retailers running lean operations demanded the same lean operations of their suppliers.


  • All business operations streamlined onto NetSuite's unified platform combining CRM, ERP and ecommerce.
  • Easy customization allowed Earth-Kind to shape NetSuite to the way it operates.
  • Automatic shipments and automatic fulfillment no longer need manual entry with a NetSuite script.

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