NetSuite Helps Energy Matters Save Money, Take Advantage of Growing Clean-Energy Market

Energy Matters


Energy Matters


Melbourne, Australia


Retail, Ecommerce

Applications Replaced

MYOB for accounting, SugarCRM


NetSuite OneWorld

“NetSuite has enabled us to grow at a rate faster than we expected, from 20 people to more than 100 in just a few years. Utilizing web services has given us greater flexibility to align our website with sales, support and accounting.” Energy Matters

Customer Success

  • Company saved $200,000 over buying on-premise software and servers, and is now doubling revenues yearly.
  • Average order-to-cash time has decreased by 33%, from 21 to14 days.
  • Website price updates now happen instantaneously as the central database is updated, compared to one or more weeks with the old software.
  • Typical hour-long customer phone calls have been reduced to an average of 20 minutes, thanks to website self-service features such as an automatic configurator.
  • Also thanks to customer self-service, sales typically totaling $10,000 to $15,000 come in each day without requiring any employee contact.


  • Energy Matters wanted to leverage the growing clean-energy market, but couldn't risk delivery or installation problems that might upset price-sensitive customers.
  • Fragmented software applications didn't allow timely updates to web pricing, so Energy Matters sometimes charged incorrectly for products.
  • Customer questions on complex configuration or installation issues often required hour-long phone calls with Energy Matters experts, wasting employees' time and trying customer patience.


  • Energy Matters chose NetSuite OneWorld to replace MYOB and SugarCRM partly because the company wanted to eventually expand to the U.S. and other countries.
  • Company chose NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics because NetSuite permits customization without requiring expensive consultants.
  • Energy Matters used web services to connect its existing website with NetSuite, and used NetSuite Ecommerce to build a new site to host online sales.
  • NetSuite Ecommerce automatically synchronizes pricing and sales information between the ecommerce website and the company's five branches in Australia, automatically updating inventory as needed.
  • A customer self-service portal lets customers and installers track shipping and installation progress, which builds customer confidence and reduces customer-support burdens on Energy Matters staff.

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