FH Canada Fights Global Poverty with NetSuite.org

FH Canada


FH Canada


Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada



Applications Replaced

Microsoft Dynamics GP, GoldMine CRM, proprietary inventory management system

“A nonprofit agency like ours is most healthy when everything is integrated and works together, and that's what we’ve gained with NetSuite.” FH Canada

Customer Success

  • FH Canada has increased annual donations by 15% to 20% each year since going live on NetSuite in 2005.
  • Nonprofit charity is able to focus staff time on core mission of alleviating poverty rather than manual data manipulation and IT maintenance.
  • NetSuite enables FH Canada to avoid 2 FTEs in finance, 1 FTE in IT and 1 FTE in its call center required with an alternative solution.
  • NetSuite CRM gives FH Canada call center agents single view of donor information and history across all channels (call center, website and snail mail), enabling personalized communication that builds goodwill.
  • Accurate financial data is available on demand in real-time, compared to a 30-day lag with the previous solution that compromised visibility.
  • NetSuite helps FH Canada maintain a low "administrative rate," a key nonprofit metric used by prospective donors in choosing a charity to support.
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce supports project pages sponsored by church, school and other groups with real-time "fund-o-meters" visually illustrating fund-raising status and goals.
  • Cloud mobility with on-demand information supports globe-trotting employees traveling in Canada, the U.S., Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • NetSuite dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) let managers easily track and optimize fund-raising and budget vs. actuals.
  • NetSuite inventory management helps organization efficiently maintain stock of medical equipment ready for emergency dispatch.
  • Consolidated historical data set with robust drill-down to detail supports sounds auditing and compliance with Canadian tax authority regulations governing nonprofits.


  • Patchwork of disparate, unintegrated Microsoft Great Plains, GoldMine CRM and other applications forced staff into unproductive manual work, hurting efficiency and fund-raising efforts.
  • Limitations in previous website meant that FH Canada could not make the online channel live up to its potential as a donor engagement and fund-raising platform.
  • FH Canada bore high IT costs to deploy, maintain, upgrade and patch on-premise software, servers and backup systems.


  • NetSuite.org charitable foundation coordinated NetSuite implementation covering accounting, CRM, inventory management and ecommerce.
  • With a NetSuite.org service grant, a NetSuite employee led a customization effort to build additional functionality into FH Canada's website.
  • SuiteApp from NetSuite partner Celigo enables integration between NetSuite and Google cloud apps, including Gmail and calendaring.

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