LovelySkin Organises Its Inventory to Keep Up With 50% Yearly Sales Growth

Dr. Joel Schlessinger first had the idea to sell skin care products online in 1997, when ecommerce was little more than a novelty. A practicing dermatologist, Schlessinger started LovelySkin as a subsidiary of his medical practice, and the online store received its first orders in January 1999. Despite mounting competition, LovelySkin remains a leading ecommerce destination for skin care solutions, cosmeceuticals, hair care products and beauty tools.




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“The entire system has been one where we found value in many different pieces at many different times during our journey.” Dr. Joel Schlessinger, Founder & CEO, LovelySkin

Side Business Becomes a Star

Earning national attention
LovelySkin quickly developed a reputation for excellent customer service and best-in-class products, including several skin care formulations Schlessinger developed himself. In 2010, the business moved to a larger facility with a retail store and spa in Omaha. By 2013, the business was growing 25% annually thanks in part to products it sells appearing on “Oprah Winfrey” and “Dr. Oz.”
QuickBooks falls short
Inconsistent data spread across QuickBooks and homegrown systems made it increasingly difficult to meet customer and vendor expectations. LovelySkin struggled to track vendor payments, current inventory value and components for work orders. The lack of visibility was not only frustrating—it forced the business to carry 2-3 months of inventory to avoid out-of-stocks.
Data-informed decisions
Now, the retailer can continuously monitor inventory levels by brand or SKU and quickly respond to spikes in sales—like a 300% increase in Amazon orders during the coronavirus outbreak—with NetSuite. LovelySkin can prepare for seasonal or event-driven spikes in demand by looking at historical data. The company also manages all parts/ingredients for products it manufactures in NetSuite.
Ecommerce pioneer still gaining momentum
LovelySkin’s growth rate has only accelerated as sales double every 2-3 years. Amid coronavirus, NetSuite helped the business keep up with a 50-100% increase in overall sales. Superior technology has freed up company leaders to focus on projects that improve the customer experience or lower costs and will keep LovelySkin growing for the next 20 years.


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