Wholesaler Leaves On-Premises ERP to Save Money, Increase Efficiency With NetSuite OneWorld

Simon De Winter Group supplies major department stores across Australia and New Zealand, with its primary focus being underwear and socks for men, women and children. Its customers include marquee brands such as David Jones, Myer, Big W and Target. The wholesaler also sells quality lingerie directly to consumers through two online platforms, Kayser and Fine Lines.

Simon De Winter


Simon De Winter


Melbourne, Australia


Wholesale Distribution

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Application Replaced

Microsoft ERP


NetSuite OneWorld


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“NetSuite is brilliant. We review budgets in-house, explore the data and report on business performance with ease. Our CEO simply jumps in and checks the numbers because everything is so transparent now.” Sandra Saristavros, CFO, Simon De Winter

New ERP Drives New Cost Saving

High-volume distribution
Simon De Winter has enjoyed considerable growth year-on-year since it started in 1998. The company designs products in-house, before they’re manufactured in various parts of Asia, stocking over 100,000 SKUs while managing high sales volumes. It has two subsidiaries and operates in four currencies.
Old technology, same old number-crunching
For over 12 years, Simon De Winter ran on Microsoft Dynamics AX. With the on-premises ERP system, everyday financial processes required time-consuming and expensive number-crunching. For instance, compiling a P&L statement took days and required exporting data to spreadsheets. Furthermore, with a clunky ERP managing so many SKUs and sales, all departments relied on Excel or other workarounds to generate up-to-date performance reports.
Saving via a system switch
Simon De Winter moved to the cloud with NetSuite OneWorld two years ago. The switch has saved the business over $100,000 AUD per year in costs associated with outsourced accounting, maintaining old technology and lost productivity due to outages. Leaders now manage budgets via personalised dashboards in NetSuite and access real-time reports on demand, rather than requesting Excel files and analysis from the finance team.
Scaling from a solid foundation
Simon De Winter is implementing NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) to drive more efficiency in its warehouse operations, including using RF barcode scanning. The wholesaler is also contemplating adding NetSuite Planning and Budgeting to automate financial planning and modelling.


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