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NetSuite Tops SAP in enterprise software shoot-out at Sapience 2009 Conference

NetSuite Wins All Categories in First-Ever, Real-Time Cloud Computing Suite Challenge

SAN MATEO, Calif. — January 5, 2010 —NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites, today announced victory for NetSuite OneWorld over SAP’s Business ByDesign in a real-time enterprise software "shoot-out." The head-to-head comparison of the two cloud computing solutions took place at Sapience 2009, held December 8-9 in Cambridge, MA. NetSuite OneWorld, the first cloud computing suite designed for multinational entities, outperformed SAP Business ByDesign in all phases of a test featuring complex, real-world business processes: customer relationship management (CRM), goods production management and order fulfillment, and financial management. For more information about NetSuite OneWorld, please visit

"What does not show in demos such as those presented at Sapience 2009 is the experience that NetSuite has accumulated from a decade of supporting over 6,000 customers," said Vinnie Mirchandani, Founder of Deal Architect and one of the competition’s judges. "Additionally, they don't factor that SAP will have a significant cultural shift as it will have to transparently showcase uptime, availability and other SLA metrics with Business ByDesign. It has historically depended on its hosting, application management and other partners to deliver these capabilities one customer at a time — so it’s really not transparent at a market level."

NetSuite continues to excel not only in the laboratory but in the real world, where thousands of customers rely on the NetSuite solution to manage complex, growing businesses. With unequalled depth of functionality and ease of use, a technology platform built for the 21st century enterprise, and the availability of solutions such as SuiteCloud Connect, which provide seamless integration with existing SAP implementations for migration or integration purposes, NetSuite continues to establish itself as a thriving alternative to legacy ERP systems. A growing list of companies, including Honeywell CPG, The New Release, COMMCO, and Suntech America are choosing to supplant or augment SAP with the NetSuite solution. Such key customer wins are part of the reason why NetSuite was recently recognised by Gartner Dataquest as one of North America’s top ten ERP vendors by revenue.

The three industry analysts judging the shootout were Helmuth Gümbel, Senior Research Director and Managing Partner of Strategy Partners International; Vinnie Mirchandani, Founder of Deal Architect; and Ray Wang, Partner with Altimeter Group and former Forrester analyst. As described by Sapience 2009, both NetSuite OneWorld and SAP Business ByDesign were put to the test in three key business process scenarios: CRM Process — from lead to opportunity to order; Production and Fulfillment Process — from work order to purchasing to goods assembly to shipping; and Global Financial Management Process — from invoicing to payment to financial reporting, including multi-subsidiary / multi-company consolidation.

The analysts rated NetSuite OneWorld and SAP Business ByDesign on five categories of performance: Design, Usability, Functional Aspects, Technical Aspects, and Other. The weight of each category in the final tally was established independently by each judge. No matter how the weighting was distributed, NetSuite was the across-the-board favorite of each of the three judges: a unanimous victory for NetSuite OneWorld over SAP. The analysts praised NetSuite’s functionality and customizability while marking down SAP for requiring excessive input steps and a failure to demonstrate key functionality such as multi-subsidiary consolidation or real-time Production and Fulfillment.


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