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NetSuite Powers Leading Ecommerce Companies' Growth and Smooth Holiday Selling in 2007

109 Million Unique Visitors Spend $500 Million at NetSuite-powered Ecommerce Sites in 2007

NetSuite Ecommerce Customers Enjoy 100% Uptime During Entire Holiday Season

SAN MATEO, Calif.—January 17, 2008—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business management application suites that provide ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Ecommerce software for growing and medium-sized businesses and divisions of large companies, today announced that NetSuite-powered e-tailers reported record sales growth in 2007. Since 2005, NetSuite's Ecommerce customers collectively experienced an approximately 88 percent increase in unique visitors (from 58 million in 2005 to 109 million in 2007), and an astonishing 257 percent increase in Web revenue (from approximately $140 million in 2005 to $500 million in 2007). For more information about NetSuite Ecommerce, please visit

In addition, while Yahoo! Merchant Solutions suffered technical problems on Cyber Monday (see, that prevented some shoppers from completing purchases, Ecommerce stores powered by NetSuite had 100% uptime on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season.

"We're proud that once again we were able to help our Ecommerce customers succeed during the holiday season, typically their busiest time of the year," said Mini Peiris, vice president of product management at NetSuite. "It is a time when the quality of the buying and service experience — not the size of the merchant — can make the difference between winning a repeat customer and losing a potential sale entirely. NetSuite is committed to allowing our Ecommerce customers of all sizes to continue to help them succeed by offering the best possible shopping and service experience."

Thousands of companies around the globe have standardised their Ecommerce operations on NetSuite for their core business operations — from orders and fulfilment, to inventory and warehouse management, to Google Keyword-to-Purchase tracking and search engine optimisation, to email marketing campaigns and multi-channel selling. Additionally, NetSuite gives mid-sized companies a customisable solution for managing complex Ecommerce sites for global organisations with multiple companies, subsidiaries and currencies, and with multiple websites. NetSuite's depth of advanced capabilities in business process customisation helps larger, more complex businesses meet their industry-specific requirements. And these features are part of NetSuite's integrated CRM and ERP business application suite. Much of the customers' Ecommerce success announced today was supported by recently added features in NetSuite, including unique shopping cart conversion tools — reporting on what items were abandoned by each shopper, and sending email marketing campaigns to those shoppers; innovative up-sell tools (Up-sell Manager); and enhanced shopping cart flow — PayPal Express Checkout, pictures in cart, displaying shipping rates prior to checkout, and multi-language capabilities.

Here's what a sampling of these NetSuite customers said about their Ecommerce success with NetSuite:

Moustache Clothing Co. ( – based in Kansas City, Mo."To succeed in the apparel industry, you've got to have more than just cool clothes," said David Hill, managing partner. "NetSuite's accounting, CRM, inventory / fulfilment and ecommerce suite gives our company a much higher value proposition and allows us to compete with more established brands. Without the Web store offered in NetSuite, it would have been challenging for us to offer our products online to individual consumers. But having all the wholesale items already set up in NetSuite, it was a breeze to integrate a Web store into all of our existing fulfilment processes."

Joby ( – based in Santa Cruz, Calif. "NetSuite has helped facilitate our continued exponential ecommerce growth, ensuring that our global team — in the U.S., Switzerland and China — has access to centralised real-time information about every aspect of our business," said JoeBen Bevirt, founder of Joby. "The NetSuite fulfilment engine provides our distribution centres with world-class automated fulfilment. And accurate and up-to-date information helped our entire team make informed decisions and provide sensational customer service for the holidays. NetSuite is growing with us, continually adding new ecommerce-related features to improve our efficiency, thereby giving us more time to do what we enjoy most and do best: innovate."

Ruff Wear ( – based in Bend, Ore. "Ruff Wear's business runs on an Apple Macintosh platform allowing our employees to stay true to their innovative and creative roots," said Will Blount, vice president, Ruff Wear. "Our biggest concern was identifying a Web-based platform that could run on Macs and was flexible enough to support all our business processes. NetSuite not only met, but exceeded our needs. Because our ecommerce solution is secure, stable, dependable, and safe, we were able to spend our time helping our customers make good buying decisions during the busiest time of year — while at the same time listening to and addressing customer feedback, and hearing dog stories."

Sailrite ( ) – based in Churubusco, Ind. "Holiday selling is easy and effective using NetSuite — build a sales campaign with product specials and promotion codes, offer free shipping, send notification of specials by email, and build a refined mailing list for printed brochures," said Matt Grant, co-owner Sailrite. "The list of possibilities seems almost endless. After the holidays, our management was able to easily track and determine how effective the campaign was using NetSuite's reporting capabilities."

Small Concept ( – based in Cumming, Ga. "With NetSuite's automation, most of our orders take less than 30 seconds to fulfil in the system," said Chuck Utterback, CEO of Small Concept. "As customers contact us through the Web or email, we usually respond within 15 minutes, and never more than an hour, using NetSuite's CRM capabilities.  We find this rapid response critical to closing ecommerce sales.  All Web orders received before 3 p.m. ship out the same day, using UPS integration with NetSuite.  In this tough retail environment, multi-channel companies have the edge.  That's why we chose NetSuite — a single real-time solution to run our business across both channels, retail and ecommerce, with one database permitting integrated customer management and visibility to business trends."

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